Let's Get Married: A Farce-comedy in Three Acts

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W. H. Baker, 1916 - 153 pages
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Page 159 - OUR WIVES A Farce in Three Acts by Anthony E. Wills. Seven males, four females. Costumes, modern ; scenery, two interiors.
Page 159 - Price, 25 cents THE COLONEL'S MAID A Comedy in Three Acts by C. Leona Dalrymple. Six males, three females. Costumes, modern ; scenery, two interiors. Plays a full evening. An exceptionally bright and amusing comedy, full of action ; all the parts good. Capital Chinese low comedy part ; two first-class old men. This is a very exceptional piece and can be strongly recommended. Pt ice, 25 cent* MOSE ' A Comedy in Three Acts by CW Miles, Eleven males, ten females.
Page 159 - THE COUNTRY MINISTER A Comedy Drama in Five Acts by Arthur Lewis Tubbs. Eight males, five females. Costumes, modern ; scenery not difficult. Plays a full evening. A very sympathetic piece, of powerful dramatic interest ; strong and varied comedy relieves the serious plot. Ralph Underwood, the minister, is a great part, and Roxy a strong soubrette ; all parts are good and full of opportunity.
Page 157 - Price, 75 cents SCENES IN THE UNION DEPOT A Humorous Entertainment in One Scene by Laura M. Parsons. Twenty-four males, eighteen females and eight children, but can be played by less if desired. Scenery, unimportant ; costumes, modern. Full of humorous points and chances to introduce local hits. Plays from an hour up, according to specialties introduced. Price, 25 cents THE TIME OF HIS LIFE A Comedy in Three Acts by C.
Page 160 - Price, 25 cents THE TEASER A Rural Comedy in Three Acts by Charles S. Allen. Four male, three female characters. Scene, an easy interior, the same for all three acts; costumes, modern. Plays an hour and a half. An admirable play for amateurs, very easy to get up, and very effective. Uraliah Higgins, a country postman, and Drusilla Todd are capital comedy parts, introducing songs or specialties, if desired. Plenty of incidental fun. Price, 25 cents COUNTRY FOLKS A Comedy Drama in Three Acts by Anthony...
Page 156 - Price, 15 cents HOW JIM MADE GOOD A Comedy Drama in Four Acts by Charles S. Bird. Seven males, three females ; two male parts can be doubled. Costumes, modern ; scenery, three interiors. Plays two hours. An unusually sympathetic play, well suited to amateurs. Clean and easy to get up. Recommended to high schools. All the parts are good. Price...
Page 157 - Its characters offer a wide variety of opportunity for local hits, and satire of local characters and institutions. Price, i3 cents HOW THE CLUB WAS FORMED An Entertainment in Three Scenes by Mrs. OW Gleason. Eighteen females. Costumes, modern; scenery, unimportant. Plays one and a half hours. A humorous skit on the Woman's Club suited for performance by either young or middle-aged women. Full of points and chances for local hits and thus a sure laugh-maker. Parts well distributed ; can be recommended....
Page 158 - Price, 25 cents THE TIME OF HIS LIFE A Comedy in Three Acts By C. Leona Dalrymple Six males, three females. Costumes modern; scenery, two interiors, or can be played in one. Plays two hours and a half. A side-splitting piece, full of action and a sure success if competently acted. Tom Carter's little joke of impersonating the colored butler has unexpected consequences that give him
Page 155 - With Costume Designs by Albert Rothenstein As produced by Lillah McCarthy at the Savoy Theatre, London An admirable stage version of this play suitable for school performance, if desired, under simplified conditions as to scenery. Mr. Rothenstein's illustrations contain many helpful suggestions as to costuming. Price, 25 cents TWELFTH NIGHT By William Shakespeare An acting edition 'with a producer...
Page 157 - TAKING THE CENSUS IN BINGVILLE An Entertainment in One Act by Jessie A. Kelley. Fourteen males, eight females. Costumes, modern ; scenery, unimportant. Plays an hour and a half. One of the always popular go-as-you-please entertainments ; just a lot of laughs strung on a very slender wire of story. Full of eccentric character bits and chances for local hits. A sure success for the laughter-loving. Recommended for church societies or intimate communities. Price, 25 cents MISS PRIM'S KINDERGARTEN An...

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