Central America: The West Indies and South America

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Henry Walter Bates
E. Stanford, 1878 - Ethnology - 571 pages
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Page 289 - Spianiards, they have learnt to like better the traders of their southern coasts, who have treated them with more consideration. Their nature is not naturally treacherous, and they are untruthful only in minor matters, keeping faith always with those who keep faith with them.
Page 292 - ... we had a scene of savage magnificence, well becoming Tierra del Fuego. There was a degree of mysterious grandeur in mountain behind mountain, with the deep intervening valleys, all covered by one thick, dusky mass of forest. The atmosphere, likewise, in this climate, where gale succeeds gale, with rain, hail, and sleet, seems blacker than anywhere else. In the Strait of Magellan looking due southward from Port Famine, the distant channels between the mountains appeared from their gloominess to...
Page 297 - Here and there a peak or ridge of grey quartz rock breaks through the smooth surface. Every one has heard of the climate of these regions; it may be compared to that which is experienced at the height of between one and two thousand feet, on the mountains of North Wales; having however less sunshine and less frost, but more wind and rain.
Page 424 - ... they are allowed to bring suit in a criminal court, which may declare their freedom. A final provision of the Act emancipates the slaves who are state property, to the number of 1,600, with the proviso that ' the slaves liberated by virtue of this law remain for five years under the inspection of the Government.
Page 433 - It establishes four powers in the State — the legislative, the executive, the judicial, and the 'moderating' power, or the royal prerogative. The legislative power is vested, for the affairs of the empire, in a general legislative assembly, and for provincial affairs in the provincial assemblies. The general legislative assembly consists of two Houses, the Senate and the Congress.
Page 287 - He is invisible (except to the "doctor," who has the gift of second-sight), and he can enter into the bodies of people, and cause sickness and disease of every sort. Besides...
Page 163 - ... Ghibelline go past with no outward distinction, showing no symptom of the enmity which may at every moment array them in hostile camps. There is no open insurrection within more than 100 miles of Havannah ; there has been no serious disturbance in the town since the bloody execution of March, 1871. But there is a vast amount of plot and intrigue fatal to all loyal, social, and even domestic intercourse ; a depth of simulation and dissimulation, of spoken and acted lies, not to be fathomed by...

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