Debates Relative to the Affairs of Ireland: In the Years 1763 and 1764, Volume 2

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Page 549 - ... moved, .' That leave be given to bring in heads of a bill for declaring the sole and exclusive right of the Irish Parliament to make laws in all cases whatsoever, internal and external, for the kingdom of Ireland.
Page 528 - Ame" rica ; and for more elfectually preventing the " clandeftine running of goods in the faid colonies " and plantations;" might be read. And the fame being read accordingly; he moved, " That this houfe will, upon this day feven" night, refolve itfelf into a committee of the " whole houfe, to take into confideration the duty
Page 756 - Pounds. it bears it bears only its natural Value. How would a Dutchman or a Frenchman laugh, fays Decker, to hear the Wifdom of our Laws extolled for preventing the Importation of Cattle from Ireland, and Corn from any Country, except it firft bears an immoderate Price at Home, when he reflects that in his Country, the poor, getting Provifions from any Place where they can be had cheapeft, are enabled to work at Prices which an...
Page 588 - And the previous Queftion being put, that the Queftion be now put, It pafl"ed in the Negative.
Page 812 - Method and in case of any Alteration of Property, in the same Port, by the Sale of one or more Shares in any Ship after registering thereof, such Sale shall always be acknowledged by Endorsement on the Certificate of Register before two Witnesses...
Page 417 - M-, according to Order reported from the Committee of the whole Houfe, appointed to confider of the Supplies, and the Lord Lieutenant's Speech, the following Refolution. " That it is the Opinion of the Commit" tee, that a Sum not exceeding 521,161 /.
Page 510 - That an humble Addrefs be prefented to his Majefty, moft humbly to reprefent to his Majefty...
Page 812 - Act is required to be done upon any Transfer of Property to another Port, and delivering up the former Certificate to be cancelled, under the same Penalties, and in...
Page 763 - Sheep, at the fame time that the Labour of the Peafant is precluded, the Wretches that remain have fcarcely the Appearance of human Creatures. In England there is no fuch Thing as Poverty, in .Comparifon of what is to be found in every Part of Ireland, except the Cities and princi* .pal Towns.
Page 609 - ... hath happily concluded for the benefit of your kingdoms; that it is our firm and unalterable refolution, to fupport the dignity and authority of your majefty's government...

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