A Treatise on Asiatic Cholera

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W. Wood, 1885 - Cholera - 403 pages
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Page 146 - The dried particles of cholera-poison may be carried (in clothing, bedding, etc.) to any distance; and when liberated may find their way direct to the alimentary canal through the medium of the air — by entering the mouth and nose and being swallowed with the saliva — or, less directly, through the medium of water or food in which they have lodged.
Page 341 - A centralized international system of sanitary notification being deemed indispensable to the successful carrying out of measures for preventing the introduction of disease, it is advisable to create international organizations to be charged with the duty of collecting information in regard to the outbreak, spread, and disappearance of cholera, pest, yellow fever, etc., and of conveying such information to the parties interested.
Page 70 - Unfortunately, however, the cholera was just at this time making its way into the United States from Canada, and infected our troops while on board the steamboats in their passage up the lakes ; and such was the rapidity with which this disease spread among them, that, in a few days, the whole of the force sent by the lakes was rendered incapable of taking the field. Some were landed at Fort Gratiot, others were stopped at Detroit, while the principal part reached Chicago in a most deplorable condition.
Page 296 - Annual Report of the Supervising Surgeon General of the Marine Hospital Service of the United States for the fiscal year 1898.
Page 403 - HOOPER'S PHYSICIAN'S VADE MECUM: A Manual of the Principles and Practice of Physic, with an outline of General Pathology, Therapeutics and Hygiene.
Page 126 - That no sufficient evidence exists for considering that vibriones, and such like organisms, prevail to a greater extent in the discharges from persons affected with cholera, than in the discharges of other persons, diseased or healthy ; but that the vibriones, bacteria, and monads...
Page 378 - Every fluid-drachm of chloroform should have at least two fluid-ounces of water with it when taken ; and it will need, if in ordinary gum mucilage, considerable agitation to re-suspend the particles immediately before swallowing. When taken in aqueous mixture alone, however, unless in very small doses, it produces nausea with some persons. This is entirely prevented by the addition of a strong aromatic, or still better, by giving the chloroform in aromatic tincture. From the ready solution and kindred...
Page 378 - In doses of 50 to 75 drops (about 15 minims,) I have given it every half hour for several hours together. It differs from the opiate preparations in the promptness of its hypnotic action, the much shorter period of its duration, a less degree of cerebral oppression, and the absence of all stimulus to the circulation. It might be called a 'diffusible narcotic,' comparing in this respect with opium as ammonia does with alcohol.

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