Annual report of the State Board of Charity of Massachusetts, Volume 28

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Wright and Potter Printing Company, 1907
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Page 22 - The state board of charity may, in its discretion, upon the written application of the parent or guardian, or, if there is no parent or guardian, of a friend, of a child under the age of...
Page 103 - This act shall be construed to the end that the care, custody and discipline of the children brought before the court shall approximate as nearly as possible that which they should receive from their parents, and that as far as practicable they shall be treated not as criminals but as children in need of aid, encouragement and guidance.
Page 83 - To provide for women the aid of competent physicians of their own sex; to assist educated women in the practical study of medicine; to train nurses for the care of the sick.
Page 108 - The justice of the said court shall be paid s*1"™'a salary of three thousand dollars per annum. The special justices shall be paid for each day's actual service at the same rate as the rate by the day of the salary of the justice of the court; but compensation for services in excess of thirty days in any one calendar year shall be deducted by the county treasurer from the salary of the justice of the court. The clerk shall receive an annual salary of fifteen hundred dollars. The said salaries shall...
Page 1 - ... conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both, in the discretion of the court.
Page 106 - ... for such time and upon such conditions as may seem proper, or may deal with it in the manner provided by law for the disposal of the case of a neglected child. If a child is adjudged a delinquent child, the court may place the case on file, or may place the child in the care of a probation officer for such time and on such conditions as may seem proper. If it is alleged in the complaint upon which the child is so adjudged, that a law of the Commonwealth has been violated, the court may, with...
Page 68 - Lyman and industrial schools, or kept under the control of either of said boards in said city or town, the Commonwealth shall pay to said city or town, and for such tuition of any such child so placed by the trustees for children of the city of Boston, or so...
Page 21 - ... by reason of orphanage, or of the neglect, crime, drunkenness or other vice of his parents, is growing up without education or salutary control, and in circumstances exposing him to lead an idle and dissolute life, or is dependent upon public charity...
Page 71 - To Incite Its members to a performance of kind and helpful deeds, and thus to bring the sunshine of happiness Into the greatest possible number of hearts.
Page 111 - The provisions of this act, so far as they are the same as those of existing laws, shall be construed as a continuation of such laws and not as new enactments...

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