Letters on Occult Meditation

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Alice Bailey
Lucis Publishing Company, 1950 - Occultism - 375 pages
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The Dangers to be Avoided in Meditation
Letter VI

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Agni akashic records alignment aspect aspirant astral light astral plane Atlantean atom attainment aura Bodhisattva Brothers of Darkness buddhi cation causal body Cere Ceremonial Magic certain clairvoyant colour comes consciousness cosmic cosmic ray dangers Dark Brotherhood Dark Brothers definite desire devas disciple divine effect egoic group egoic ray emotional body endeavour esoteric etheric etheric body evolution faculty fifth fire fire or heat force FORM IN MEDITATION forms head centres herent Hierarchy higher consciousness higher mind Higher Self himself human human evolution imparted incarnation indigo ing group initiation inner inner planes intuition involution jiva Kali Yuga karma karmic knowledge kundalini Law of Attraction Lemurian logoic Logos Lord lower mind lower planes lower vehicles magnetic link major third manifestation mantrams mantric Manu Master Master Hilarion medi mental body Mental obsession mental plane method microcosm Monad mystic Nirmanakayas occident occult meditation occultist path period Personality petals physical body physical brain physical plane polarisation prana pranic pupil Quaternary race Raja Yoga realisation root race sacred planets Sacred Word Sanskrit Secret Doctrine seek seven seven rays sex organs sion solar plexus solar system sound specific gravity Spirit spleen student student of meditation sub-ray subplane subtle bodies subtone synthetic ray tain Teacher telepathy Temple of Solomon therefore things thoughtforms three worlds threefold tion Triad vibration Wesak Wisdom wise World Teacher

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