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Page 15 - A race that long has passed away Built them ; — a disciplined and populous race Heaped, with long toil, the earth, while yet the Greek Was hewing the Pentelicus to forms Of symmetry, and rearing on its rock The glittering Parthenon.
Page 14 - Are they here The dead of other days? - and did the dust Of these fair solitudes once stir with life And burn with passion? Let the mighty mounds That overlook the rivers, or that rise In the dim forest crowded with old oaks, Answer.
Page 96 - For the prevention of crimes and injuries, the laws to be adopted or made, shall have force in all parts of the district, and for the execution of process, criminal and civil, the governor shall make proper divisions thereof; and he shall proceed from time to time, as circumstances may require, to lay out the parts of the district in which the Indian titles shall have been extinguished, into counties and townships, subject however to such alterations as may thereafter be made by the legislature.
Page 15 - Hunts in their meadows, and his fresh-dug den Yawns by my path. The gopher mines the ground Where stood their swarming cities. All is gone ; All — save the piles of earth that hold their bones, The platforms where they worshipped unknown gods, The barriers which they builded from the soil To keep the foe at bay...
Page 15 - And bowed his maned shoulder to the yoke. All day this desert murmured with their toils, Till twilight blushed, and lovers walked, and wooed In a forgotten language, and old tunes, From instruments of unremembered form, Gave the soft winds a voice.
Page 120 - Dix's famous order — •• if any man hauls down the American flag, shoot him on the spot.
Page 17 - They waste us — ay — like April snow In the warm noon, we shrink away ; And fast they follow, as we go Towards the setting day, — Till they shall fill the land, and we Are driven into the western sea.
Page 34 - Carver did ever obtain a deed or grant, it was signed by some foolish young men who were not chiefs and who were not authorized to make a grant. Among the Sioux of the River there are no such names.
Page 29 - ... noise, that reverberated through all those gloomy regions. I found in this cave many Indian hieroglyphics, which appeared very ancient, for time had nearly covered them with moss, so that it was with difficulty I could trace them. They were cut in a rude manner upon the inside *5f the walls, which were composed of a stone so extremely soft that it might be easily penetrated with a knife — a stone everywhere to be found near the Mississippi. The cave is only accessible by ascending a narrow,...
Page 210 - But to return a little. We were at length prepared to issue our first number. We had no subscribers ; for then there were but a handful of people in the whole territory ; and the majority of those were Canadians and half-breeds. Not a territorial officer had yet arrived. We remember present, at the date of our first issue, Mr.

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