A Discourse of the Visible and Invisible Church of Christ: In which it is Shewn, that the Powers Claim'd by the Officers of the Visible Church, are Not Inconsistent with the Supremacy of Christ as Head; Or with the Rights and Liberties of Christians, as Members of the Invisible Church

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Tho. Woodward, at the Inner Temple-Gate in Fleetstreet., 1719 - Church - 188 pages

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Page 69 - But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.
Page 173 - ... the present enemies of the Gospel among us pursue the same maxims appears from the applause and triumph with which they receive all notions, which tend to dissolve the external polity of the Church, and withdraw men's respect from those offices and administrations, without which it cannot subsist. They are contented that the duties which flow from our internal relation to Christ...
Page 123 - Magiftrate takes upon him to command Actions which he hath no Authority to command, or to prohibit what he hath no Authority to prohibit, He is guilty of Ufurpation upon the liberties of the Subject.
Page 71 - Churches outward Communion. They Teach indeed, that the inward Belief of certain Truths, and the inward Obedience of the Soul in moral Duties, are necelTary to Salvation.
Page 121 - Judges of j and confequently it muft be an open and verbal Declaration of Faith. Thus far therefore the Duties required from us as Members of the Vifible Church, are not only confiftent with, but neceffary Conditions of our being () Mar.
Page 120 - Scripture has reprefented thefe two Ideas under which we conceive this Society, as agreeing in a perfect Harmony .with each other. . With-refpect to Chrift the Head, as by the...
Page 41 - Christ's appointment, no man can be es" teemed to discharge his duty as his disciple, who is " not a member of it. And, agreeably, all the benefits " purchased by Christ for mankind are annexed to our " initiation into this society. He that believeth and is
Page 2 - Chrift by Faith -and Love, and to one another by internal Charity, are called Members of his...
Page 123 - Chrift, we are bound, as his Immediate Subjects, to obey this Command : And if we will approve OUT felves as acceptable Subjects of his Invifiblt Church, Ha?
Page 121 - Conditions of our internal Union with Him, and our Title to all the Privileges of the Go-: fpel.

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