Experiment Station Record, Volume 21

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910 - Agricultural experiment stations
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Page 598 - Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of this commission to make a careful study of the conditions of elementary, industrial and agricultural education in the State of Michigan, whether under public school or other auspices, including the study of conditions of labor as they affect children between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, and it shall further be the duty of this commission to present a report showing these conditions, with recommendations for such a...
Page 257 - Sodium benzoate in large doses (up to 4 grams per day) mixed with the food has not been found to exert any deleterious effect on the general health, nor to act as a poison in the general acceptation of the term.
Page 114 - The following table gives the average dates of the last killing frost in the spring and the first in the fall, at various stations within the area and at Menomonee, Michigan.
Page 463 - an income under $800 is not enough to permit the maintenance of a normal standard. An income of $900 or over probably permits the maintenance of a normal standard, at least so far as the physical man is concerned.
Page 508 - State ; fourth, the standard agricultural courses, whether in the ordinary high schools or in special schools, should not be narrowly vocational, but should aim to fit the pupils for life as progressive, broad-minded, and intelligent men and women, citizens, and homemakers, as well as farmers and horticulturists.
Page 612 - Décret du 28 juillet 1908 portant règlement d'administration publique pour l'application de la loi du 1er août 1905 sur la répression des fraudes dans la vente des marchandises et des falsifications des denrées alimentaires et des- produits agricoles, en ce qui concerne les liqueurs et sirops.
Page 48 - Inquiry to make the necessary preliminary investigations, and to prepare and submit a report to the next legislature, setting forth a comprehensive plan for the protection, improvement, utilization, and settlement of, and for the better and more economical administration of the affairs and business of the State connected with the delinquent State tax lands, now owned or hereafter acquired...
Page 397 - Annual Convention of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations, held at Washington, DC, November 1215, 1889.
Page 423 - ... nucleated cortex, the cup is merely invested by a slightly thickened sarcolemma. Further, the tissue forming the shallow, thick-walled cup, both in its appearance and consistency, closely resembles an ordinary muscular fibre, while the long stem usually remains distinctly striated to its termination. In the second part of the paper an account is given of the development of the electric cups of A'aia radiata.
Page 3 - From the former, it is clear that the native vegetation represents, within the climatic limits of the regional flora, the result of a secular process of adaptation of plants to climates and soils, by natural selection and the survival of the fittest. The natural floras and sylvas are thus the expression of secular, or rather, millennial experience, which if rightly interpreted must convey to the cultivator of the soil the same information that otherwise he must acquire by long and costly personal...

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