Antar, a Bedoueen Romance, Volume 1

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J. Murray, 1820
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Page 354 - ALDERMAN LIBRARY The return of this book is due on the date indicated below Usually books are lent out for two weeks, but there are exceptions and the borrower should note carefully the date stamped above. Fines are charged for over-due books at the rate of five cents a day; for reserved books there are special rates and regulations. Books must be presented at the desk if renewal is desired.
Page 221 - Nobility, my lord,' said Antar, 'amongst liberal men, is the thrust of the spear, the blow of the sword, and patience beneath the battle-dust. I am the physician of the tribe of Abs when they are in sickness; their protector in disgrace; the defender of their wives when they are in trouble; and their horseman when they are in glory, and their sword when they rush to arms.
Page xxiv - This annual meeting lasted a whole month, during which time they employed themselves, not only in trading, but in repeating their poetical compositions, contending and vying with each other for the prize ; whence the place, it is said, took its name.
Page 222 - The eyelashes of the songstress from the corner of the veil are more cutting than the edge of the cleaving scimitars; and when they wound the brave are humbled, and the corners of their eyes are flooded with tears. May God cause my uncle to drink of the draught of death at my hand! may his hand be withered, and his fingers palsied! for how could he drive one like me to destruction by his arts, and make my hopes depend on the completion of his avaricious projects.
Page 51 - Antar, with his other warriors, to accompany him on an expedition against a neighbouring tribe, Antar was left behind in charge of the women; and here follows a graphic description of the amusements of Arab women in those days: 'The horsemen being now absent, the children, and women, and slaves, male and female, were left behind. Semeeah, the wife of Shedad, gave a magnificent entertainment at the lake of Zatool Irsad. Sheep were slaughtered, and wine flowed, and the girls carried their instruments....
Page 122 - The sun as it sets, turns towards her, " and says, Darkness obscures the land, do thou rise "in my absence ; and the brilliant moon calls out " to her, Come forth, for thy face is like me when I " am at the full, and in all my glory...
Page 152 - Know, then, noblest knight of the age,' said the youth, 'that I and this horseman are brothers, of the same father, and the same mother ; he is the eldest and I am the youngest ; and our father was one of the Arab chieftains, and he was called Amru, the son of Harith, the son of Teba ; and Teba was our ancestor.
Page ix - ... usual saying among them. that God had bestowed four peculiar things on the Arabs, that their turbans should be to them instead of diadems, their tents instead of walls and houses, their swords instead of intrenchments, and their poems instead of written laws.
Page 71 - Under thy veil is the rosebud of my life, and thine eyes are guarded with a multitude of arrows: round thy tent is a lion-warrior, the sword's edge, and the spear's point. O thy face is like the full moon of heaven, allied to light, but far from my hopes!
Page 100 - Absian horsemen, led by Ghegadh the son of Nasshib, bent on a marauding enterprise. Antar joins them, and the Absians proceed to the land of Cahtan, where they saw " a great quantity of cattle, with some high raised tents and lofty pavilions ; many horses running about and camels grazing; and the people unsuspicious of a reverse of fortune.

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