A vade-mecum of morbid anatomy, medical and chirurgical

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Page x - to be indurated, and in others softened. We frequently find within the cranium the veins, particularly those of the membranes on the surface of the brain and lining of the ventricles, gorged with dark blood; sometimes considerable adhesions
Page x - and thickening of the membranes and minute and florid vessels upon the pia mater: collections also of a viscid tenacious matter have been discovered, in cysts, upon its external surface, and tumours have been found attached to its substance.
Page 19 - to their size, and when laid open in this state they are of a white colour, and of a consistence nearly approaching to cartilage. Although indolent at first, they at length become inflamed, and
Page viii - inflamed portion becomes of a red colour, although this is seldom very intense; when cut into, the colour is found to arise from a great many small vessels which are filled with blood.
Page 37 - and puffy state of the part, which is produced by an infiltration of fluid into the cellular connecting membrane. Lymph is sometimes found adhering to its surface. The redness in acute inflammation has no line of demarcation, but vanishes gradually from a dark red to a faint flesh colour. Chronic—The mucous tissue is thickened,
Page 37 - rigors with alternate flushes of heat; jelly evacuations, mixed with pus or blood; tongue covered with a dirty yellowish fur, red tip and edges, pulse soft and compressible, pain on pressure just above the pubis; belly becomes flatter, the face more sunk, and the cheeks and eyes more hollow.
Page 24 - been acting regularly, if the pulsations suddenly become anomalous, obscure, and confused, so as not to be analyzed, we may suspect the formation of a polypus. If the disordered action exists on one side of the heart only, we may consider the thing as almost certain.
Page 37 - Cancer of the Rectum—Severe pain, darting through the pelvis to the bladder and the groin. The countenance is of a sallow leaden colour. MORBID ANAT. The parts are redder than usual, and the vessels are seen to course in an arborescent manner; there is an
Page 19 - have the appearance of indurated glands, are of different sizes, and are often found in clusters. Their firmness is usually in
Page xiv - both at the seat of stricture and in the stomach. MORBID ANAT. The mucous membrane is generally found pulpy and red, and its capillary vessels are very distinctly seen loaded with blood; sometimes it is lined with a false membrane. Ulcers of the oesophagus are generally surrounded with indurated and everted edges ; the erosion sometimes is very deep, sometimes superficial.

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