System of surgery, Volume 2

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Lea Brothers, 1895
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Page 96 - ... on the back, the roll of clothing being so placed as to raise the pit of the stomach above the level of the rest of the body.
Page 16 - RCS (Hon.), Professor of the Principles of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, etc.
Page 135 - When passing the needle in this method, the Surgeon usually places the point of his left forefinger or of his thumb upon the mouth of the bleeding vessel, and with his right hand introduces the needle from the cutaneous surface, and passes it right through the whole thickness of the flap till its point projects for a couple of lines or so from the surface of the wound, a little to the right side of the tube of the vessel. Then, by forcibly inclining the head of the needle...
Page 230 - The spine, whether by yielding to the weight of the overgrown skull or by change in its own structures, may sink and seem to shorten, with greatly increased dorsal and lumbar curves; the pelvis may become wide; the necks of the femora may become nearly horizontal. But the limbs, however misshapen, remain strong and fit to support the trunk. In its earlier periods, and sometimes through all its course, the disease is attended with pains in the affected bones, pains widely various in severity and variously...
Page 15 - A SYSTEM OF SURGERY. By American Authors. Edited by FREDERic S. DENNIS, MD. Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery, Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York; President of the American Surgical Association, etc., assisted by JOHN S. BILLINGS, MD...
Page 24 - Many-tailed Bandages or Slings. These bandages are prepared from pieces of muslin of various lengths and breadths, which are split at each extremity into two, three, or more tails up to within a few inches of their centres, their width and length being regulated by the part of the body to which they are to be applied. The four-tailed bandage may be found useful as a temporary dressing in cases of fracture of the jaw, or to hold dressings to the chin. It may be prepared by taking a portion of a...
Page 37 - The initial extremity of the roller is secured by two or three turns around the wrist ; the bandage is then carried obliquely across the back of the hand to the base of the finger to be covered in, then to its tip by oblique turns; a...
Page 457 - Cases where chronic ulceration or eczema exists. 4. Cases where circulation has been so far impaired as to occasion swelling of the feet or loss of power in the limb.
Page 364 - ... the calf. This strip is usually alongside the tendo Achillis and makes firm support under the heel. The second strip starts on the inner side of the unaffected part of the foot, near the ball of the toe, comes around over the back of the heel, and ends about the base of the little toe. It crosses the first one just above the border of the heel. The third strip overlaps the first half way, the fourth the second, and so on until the part sprained is fully covered by this criss-cross strapping....
Page 457 - Cases where the size of the veins, the formation of venous tumor, or the attenuation of the coats or tegumentary coverings threaten hemorrhage.

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