Shakespeare's Comedy of the Tempest

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Harper, 1895 - 155 pages
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Page 48 - Caliban. You taught me language ; and my profit on 't Is, I know how to curse. The red plague rid you For learning me your language ! Prospero. Hag-seed, hence ! Fetch us in fuel; and be quick, thou 'rt best, To answer other business. Shrug'st thou, malice ? If thou neglect'st, or dost unwillingly What I command, I
Page 35 - split, we split, we split!'—] 57 Sebastian. Let's take leave of him. [Exit. - — Gonzalo. Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for . an acre of barren ground ; long heath, brown furze, any thing. The wills above be done! but I would fain die a dry death. SCENE II. The Island. Before Prospero's Cell. Enter
Page 106 - my sails Must fill, or else my project fails, Which was to please. Now I want Spirits to enforce, art to enchant; And my ending is despair, Unless I be reliev'd by prayer, Which pierces so that it assaults Mercy itself, and frees all faults. As you from crimes would pardon'd be, Let
Page 79 - voices, That, if I then had wak'd after long sleep, Will make me sleep again : and then, in dreaming, The clouds methought would open, and show riches Ready to drop upon me ; that, when I wak'd, I cried to dream again. Stephano. This will prove a brave kingdom to me, where I shall have my music for nothing.
Page 80 - gentle actions of salutation ; and, inviting the King, etc. to eat, they depart. ( Alonso. Give us kind keepers, heavens !—What were these ? Sebastian. A living drollery. Now I will believe 21 That there are unicorns ; that in Arabia There is one tree, the phcenix' throne, one phoenix At this hour reigning there. Antonio. I
Page 127 - the toe of the peasant comes so near the heel of the courtier, he galls his kibe." 274. Candied. Congealed (Schmidt) ; as in T. of A. iv. 2. 226: "Candied with ice," etc. Wr. explains it as " sugared over, and so insensible.
Page 48 - Which first was mine own king; and here you sty me In this hard rock, whiles you do keep from me The rest o' the island. Prospero. Thou most lying slave, Whom stripes may move, not kindness ! I have us'd thee, Filth as thou art, with human care, and lodg'd
Page 45 - As fast as mill-wheels strike. Then was this island— Save for the son that she did litter here, A freckled whelp, hag-born—not honour'd with A human shape. Ariel. Yes, Caliban her son. Did make wolves howl, and penetrate the breasts Of ever-angry bears. It was a torment To lay upon the damn'd, which Sycorax
Page 52 - Ferdinand.. No, as I am a man. Miranda. There 's nothing ill can dwell in such a temple ; If the ill spirit have so fair a house, Good things will strive to dwell with 't. Prospero. [To Ferdinand\ Follow me.— Speak not you for him ; he 's a traitor.—Come ; I 'll manacle thy neck and feet together:
Page 88 - Plants with goodly burthen bowing; Spring come to you at the farthest In the very end of harvest! Scarcity and want shall shun you; Ceres' blessing so is on you. Ferdinand. This is a most majestic vision, and Harmonious charmingly. May I be bold To think these spirits?

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