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Really fantastic. I found the scripts to be very useful, and I like that there are instructions for writing your own. While the author states the inductions need to be read aloud, I suspect that not everyone will find that necessary; I certainly didn't. The scripts that I tried out did seem to work, some very quickly, while others took about a week or so. 

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Ive just now began to use the lose weight script consecutivley, im at mark 3 rightnow, but I can tell you that I have been getting some great vibes. After im done I always feel great and expect great results and while I am hypnotized I feel this strong, relaxing, happy, almost euphoric feeling in my body parts. At first it was just in my chest and stomach but ive felt it in my legs and armd as well. Im expecting great results, so ill be sure to update my progress by the end of september.  

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