Persia and Affghanistan: Analytical Narrative of the Events Relating to the Correspondence on the Affairs of Persia and Affghanistan

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Ridgway, 1839 - Afghan Wars - 143 pages

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Page 68 - In those days they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge. But every one shall die for his own iniquity: every man that eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge.
Page 158 - William: The Harleian Dairy System, and an Account of the various Methods of Dairy Husbandry pursued by the Dutch. Also, a new and improved Mode of ventilating Stables. With an Appendix, containing useful Hints (founded on the Author's Experience) for the Management of Hedge-row Fences, Fruit Trees, &c.; and the Means of rendering Barren Land fruitful.
Page 102 - At this moment the united influence of Persia and Russia would appear to be established in all the Affghan dominions, with the single exception of Herat ; and the existence of that influence in those countries, viewed in conjunction with the course which these Powers have recently been pursuing, and the measures that have resulted from their joint diplomatic exertions, is so obviously incompatible with the tranquillity of India, and even with its security, that no measures can...
Page 31 - Britain is too conscious of her own strength, and too sensible of the extent and sufficiency of the means which she possesses to defend her own interests in every quarter of the globe, to regard with any serious uneasiness the transactions to which this note relates.
Page 160 - GEOLOGY As a Science applied to the Reclamation of Land from the Sea...
Page 101 - August 1, 1838. I HAVE the honour to inclose for Your Lordship's information a translation of the Treaty which has been concluded and ratified between the Shah and the Sirdars of Kandahar, and which Count Simonich has guaranteed. It appears...
Page 150 - The Botanical Register, from containing most or all of the new plants introduced by the Horticultural Society, from the great care with which its plates are executed, and the judicious remarks on culture and general habit, by Dr. Lindley, is, in consequence, the superior publication.
Page 154 - Dedicated to the Patrons and Patronesses of Village Schools. A CATECHISM of GARDENING, intended for the use of Village Schools and Cottagers, containing plain and brief Directions for cultivating every kind of Vegetable in common use. By an old Practitioner.
Page 160 - New and conclusive Natural Demonstrations both of the Fact and Period of the Mosaic Deluge, and of its having been the only event of the kind that has ever occurred upon the Earth ; illustrated by numerous Wood-cuts, &c., executed in the best manner, will be published early in May, in I vol.
Page 106 - We will not go to war. Were it not for the sake of their friendship, we should not return from before Herat. Had we known that our coming here might risk the loss of their friendship, we certainly would not have come at all.

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