Latin reader: nature study and easy stories for sight reading during the first year in Latin

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D. C. Heath & Company, 1918 - History - 349 pages

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Page 117 - A syllable is long if it contains a long vowel or a diphthong: do-mom, cau-tus.
Page 115 - A Latin word has as many syllables as it has vowels or diphthongs (ae, au, oe, ei, eu, ui).
Page 143 - A predicate noun denotes the same person or thing as the subject.
Page 99 - The place of interview. 43. Planitiës erat magna et in eä tumulus terrënus satis grandis. Hic locus aequo ferë ю spatiö ab castrîs Ariovistï et Caesaris aberat.
Page 220 - Erimus, we will be Eritis, you will be Erunt, they will be Second.
Page 185 - Septimus octävus nönus decimus undecimus duodecimus tertius decimus quärtus decimus quintus decimus sextus decimus Septimus...
Page 37 - Id. ad XV. Kal. ad XIV. Kal. ad XII. Kal, ad XI. Kal. ad X. Kal. ad IX. Kal. ad VIII.
Page 115 - A vowel is shortened before final m and t, and before final 1 and r, except in a few monosyllables, as pär, söl.
Page 333 - ... circle, round, orbit; orbis terrarum the circle of the lands ie the world ördo, -inis m.
Page 97 - Româno non praescrïberet, quem ad modum suo iure uterëtur, non oportëre së a Caesare in suo iure impedirï.

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