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I've come read into the authorship question with an open mind. In fact, when I first started my research, I believed that the Oxfordians raised several points which raised, in my mind, a reasonable doubt. There were moments where I began to wonder whether it was "the man from Stratford" behind the works. This book, however, confirmed, for me, William Shakespeare's authorship. I sincerely hope that this book will set the issue of authorship to rest, for anybody who might read it. Empirical evidence on the matter is presented in a very concise manner, making it one of the few books on the matter that offers facts, rather than conjecture.
I find the desperate comments of those clearly close-minded critics who attack the authenticity of the claims made in this book amusing, to say the least. These skeptics pick minuscule bits of text or historical evidence to attack, or some fine point to savagely assault, choosing to ignore the overwhelming evidence presented by McCrea in favor of "the Swan of Avon". It would do the scholarly community some good to return, as McCrea does, to the accounts of the people who knew Shakespeare first hand, and to take what they recorded at face value, rather than twisting their words to fit some new conspiracy theory.
It is important to give credit where credit is due, and William Shakespeare, the greatest poet who ever lived, must be given credit for his accomplishments.

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