Introduction to the MTS File Editor

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UM Libraries, 1986 - File organization (Computer science) - 318 pages
... [this manual] is designed to help ... [the reader] learn to use the MTS (Michigan Terminal System) File Editor ... it introduces ... all of the concepts embodied in the Editor and acquaints ... [the reader] with the mechanics of performing certain editing tasks ... all keys referred to in examples are the editor's default program function key assignments for the particular terminals or microcomputers illustrated.-Preface.

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Page 156 - If the line number range is omitted, the command acts on the current line. If the pair of strings is omitted, the command reuses the pair of strings used by the most recent ALTER command. Either "stringl" or "string2" may be the null string. If "stringl...
Page 207 - ... line from the current cursor position to the end of the line.
Page 275 - filename' is the name of the file that you want to transfer. You will see a message that says: Preparing to send file 'filename.
Page 156 - In conjunction with @A and @OPL. • :Condl tlons set : : SUCCESS If an alteration Is performed. EOF If a : read beyond the end of the file Is attempted. Suppose that we wish to replace all occurrences of the letter "X
Page 28 - Unless you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing, you should not attempt to modify these files.
Page 93 - CTRL-X deletes the character over the cursor and all the characters to the right of the cursor up to the end of the line. The key in the upper left hand side of the keyboard with a "grave" and "tilde" on its face issues an escape character (ESC) when it is pressed.
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