Earl Rupert: and other tales and poems

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G. Adlard, 1839 - 220 pages

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Page 97 - So poor a trick shan't win the bet." And loud and loud the chorus rose Of, " here she goes—and there she goes.'" While right and left his finger swung, In keeping to his clock and tongue. His mother happened in, to see Her daughter; " where is Mrs. B 1 When will she come,
Page 100 - while I shave him!" But here the doctors interpose— " A woman never" " There she goes.'" " A woman is no judge of physic, Not even when her baby is sick. He must be bled"—" no—no—a blister"— " A purge you mean"—" I say a clyster"— " No—cup him—" " leech him—"
Page 98 - Those words—that motion—are you mad ? But here's your wife—perhaps she knows And" " Here she goes—and there she goes.'" His wife surveyed him with alarm, And rushed to him and seized his arm ; He shook her off, and to and fro His finger persevered to go, While
Page 99 - You all are fools," the lady said, " The way is, just to shave his head. Run, bid the barber come anon"— " Thanks mother," thought her clever son, " You help the knaves that would have bit me. But all creation shan't outwit me
Page 162 - O Lear! Lear! Lear ! Beat at this gate, that let thy folly in, And thy dear judgment out!
Page 199 - SPRING IS COMING. Spring is coming! spring is coming ! Birds are chirping, insects humming; Flowers are peeping from their sleeping ; Streams, escaped from winter's keeping, In delighted freedom rushing, Dance along in music gushing. Scenes, of late in
Page 100 - And from his lip no accent flows But " here she goes—and there she goes.'" The barber came—" Lord help him ! what A queerish customer I've got; But we must do our best to save him— So hold him,
Page 95 - I see no wonder I declare ; Though may be, if the truth were told, 'Tis rather ugly—somewhat old; Yet time it keeps to half a minute ; But, if you please, what wonder's in it
Page 97 - Hold !" said the Yankee, " plank the ready !" The landlord wagged his finger steady, While his left hand, as well as able, Conveyed a purse upon the table. " Tom, with the money let's be ofF!" This made the landlord only scoff; He heard them running down the stair, But was not tempted from his chair ; Thought he, " the fools ! I'll bite them yet
Page 101 - The gentlemen—I mean the two Came yesterday—are they below?" " They galloped off an hour ago.'' " Oh, purge me ! blister! shave and bleed ! For, hang the knaves, I'm mad indeed!

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