The Seven Sages in English Verse, Issue 1

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Thomas Wright
Percy Society, 1845 - 118 pages
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Page 72 - Than thay sayen at the laste How the piler stode in bras, And with sowdyng sowdyt faste. Than sayed the tone clerke, ' Mynours, lat be 3oure werke.' When the mynours were goon, The clerkys made a fyre anoon, The pylar fot al about, And closyd the fyere al witout. When thay hadden thus doon, Thay wentyn...
Page 40 - Bote at the laste he hym bythought, How and in what manere He myghte any goodys lere. Hys emys bokis he unselde, And ilk a day on thaym byhelde, And bycam a fysysian, Also good as anny mane. The kynge sone of Hungrye Hadde a woundir maladye: The kynge sent aftir Ypocras, 106° For to wyten wat hym was.
Page 100 - He mande hym wel ate the knyght Al the daye and al the nyght; On morwen tho the day came, Towarde the castel the waye he nam, And wyth the lorde sone he mete, And ful hendlych hym grete, And sayed, ' Syre, I am comen For were that thou havest undirnome, For to helpe the for of thyne, Thy werre for to hende and fine.
Page 87 - Hyt was a knyght a riche schyreve, That was lot hys wyf to greve. He sate a daye by hys wyf, And in hys honde helde a knyf, At schort wordis for to telle, In gamen bothe as thay felle, With a lytil croume knyfe The schyref woundyt hys wyf, And took to hym so myche sorowe, That he deyd oppon the morowen.
Page 45 - And fand ware the thyf was goon. Byfore thare the hole was, 123° He sette a deppe caudron of bras, A manere of glowe he dyde thare-inne, To halden all that com thare inne, And helyd thare the cawdron stode, As thare were nought bot gode.
Page 34 - That hys grewhond was for-lore ; Into hys horchard thay way he nome, And to a fische-pole he come, And for dule of hys hounde He lepe in and sanke to gronde.
Page 26 - And say my tormentours anoon, Thay do my sone to tormentrie: Certis, this day he schal dee." The knyght was sory in hys thought, Bote withsaye hym dorst he nought, Bote bade the tormentours ilkon Do the childe to dethe anoone. Anoon the childe was lade to spyle, To doo the emperours wille. To-ward the deth as he was, 660 He mette with mayster Baucillas.
Page 23 - That the childe agayn was brogt; Scho morned and made mykil wo, Til the day was a-go, Than thay were in bed brought, For to change hir lordis thouht, When thay were in bede i-fere. What scho sayed 30 schulle here, How ho brought hire lorde in wille, Er hit was daye, the childe to spille. Scho wippe and hir hondis wronge, «70 And afte syked sore amange. The emperour laye and herde, And asked hyre why ho so ferde, And sayed, " Tel me anon Why thow makyst al this mon.
Page 18 - Spake of that wondir cas, To the emperesse the worde was broght, That the childe ne spake noght. Scho come a-doun into the halle, And hyre maydens with hire alle, And welkomede the childe anone. And he stod stille as a stem, And fayre he gan the lavydy loute, And hir mayden alle aboute.
Page 112 - When the parlement was nome, And the pepyle al come, The kynge walde no lenger dwelle, Wat hym grevyd he gan telle, And to the pypyl he sayed this, ' Who can telle me why hyt hys That the ravens on me crye, And brynge me out of that vylanye, That the ravens crye no more, Where-fore me schames sore...

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