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Alexander Balloch Grosart
private circulation, 1871 - English literature
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Page 13 - That I Gervase Markham, of London, gent, do promise hereafter never to write any more book or books to be printed of the diseases or cures of any cattle, as horse, oxe, cowe, sheepe, swine, and goates, &c. In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand the 24th day of Julie, 1617. GERVIS MARKHAM.
Page 25 - Vertues tears for the loss of the most Christian king Henry, third of that name king of France, and the untimely death of the most noble and heroical Walter Devereux, who was slain before Roan, in Fraunce," a translation from the French, 4to.
Page 8 - Elizabeth not unfrequently indulged in jests herself. Every one is familiar with the impromptu couplet she made on the names of four knights of the county of Nottinghamshire : " Gervase the gentle, Stanhope the stout, Markham the lion ; and Sutton the lout.
Page 10 - Catherine, daughter of ye earl of Shrewsbury, whose mother and his were cousin germans. Brought up after 10 years with BILSON, schoolmaster of "Winchester and after bishop there. After, I was put to Adrianus de Saraina, at Southampton, a schoolmaster, who going to his country, the Lowe Countries, my lord put me to 1 Deserted Village.
Page 8 - Lord 1534, at the aute of the ladye Katherine, dowager, a curse was sent from the pope, which cursed both the king and the realme. This curse was set up in the town of Dunkirk, in Flanders; for the bringer thereof durst no neerer approach, where it was taken down by Mr. Lock, of London, mercer.
Page 37 - heretofore printed, and now corrected and augmented, with other " affectionate Sonets of a feeling conscience of the same authors. " Psal. 144. &c. London, Printed by Richard Field, dwelling in the " Blacke-friers neare Ludgate. 1597.
Page 136 - Oh Christian soule take Marie to thy mirrour, And if Thou wilt the like effects obtaine, Then follow her in like affections fervour, And so with her, like mercie shalt thou gaine : Learn sinful!
Page 395 - Calvin, upon the songe that Ezechias made after he had been sicke, and afflicted by the hand of God, conteyned in the 38.
Page 342 - Muses' spring ; I feare your daintie eare can ill digest The harsh-tun'd notes, which on my pipe I sing. Yet since the ditties of so wise a king,* Can not so lose their grace, by my rude hand, But that your wisedome can conforme the thing Unto the modell doth in margent stand ; I you beseech blame not (though you not prayse) This...
Page 55 - Maiestie," and Ecclesiastics Paraphrased: then commences, ending at chap. 12. p. 117. with " Adue to worlds vain delight," a sonnet on the reverse of that page. Now appear six pages entitled " Sundry Psalms of Dauid translated into verse, as briefly and significantly as the scope of the text will suffer...