Origin and history of the name of Brooks: with biographies of all the most noted persons of that name, and an account of the origin of surnames and forenames, together with over five hundred Christian names of men and women and their significance

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American Publishers' Association, 1905 - 112 pages
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Page i - Abigail, \vere each satisfied with a single name, nor reflect that the use of two is not a refinement dating from an obscure and unknown antiquity, but quite within the reach of record and history. Every name, no doubt, originally had a meaning, or was at first assumed or imposed from its real or supposed fitness, from some accidental circumstance, or from mere caprice.
Page 75 - ... than either merchants or manufacturers. There are few if any such, in Sweden; the greater part of their names are the names of properties, or of farms, or of forests, and were of that character because they were selected by a class who wished to . approximate to the nobles by imitating their ways, and consequently not because they were the result of a need for distinctive signs — a need which is totally distinct from any individual wish or caprice. In Holstein and in Courland there are still...
Page 26 - Brooks heretofore unappreciated. .As builders and merchants they, have built cities and illumined the marts of trade; in the field of science and medicine they have obtained great prominence: in the arena of statesmanship they have produced men of thought and men of action ; while at the bar and in the administration of justice they ha.ve shown erudition and wisdom. As clergymen, educators and lecturers they have occupied high places; as musicians, composers and artists...
Page 90 - Grace, at the neighboring abbey of Boxley, and to carry in procession on five Lord's days, a lighted taper which she was to offer to the image of the Blessed Virgin. THE PAUCITY OF NAMES. There were no Scripture names in England when the Conqueror took possession; even in Normandy thev had appeared but a generation or two before William came over.
Page 83 - Gawdie, late Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, whose name of baptism was Thomas, and his name of confirmation Francis, and that name of Francis, by the advice of all the Judges, in anno 36, Henry VIII, he did bear, and after used in all his purchases and grants.
Page 58 - But whether in imitation of the Norman lords, or from the great convenience of the distinction, the use of fixed surnames arose in France about the year 1000, came into England sixty years later, or with the Norman Conquest, and reached us in Scotland, speaking roundly, about the year noo.
Page 83 - If a man be baptized by the name of Thomas, and after, at his confirmation by the Bishop, he is named John, he may purchase by the name of his confirmation. And this was the case of. Sir Francis...
Page 78 - ... be corrected without a hearty recognition of his superior diligence and exemplary fidelity, gives an account of this first legislative body, though he errs a little in the date by an inference from Rolfe's narrative, which the words do not warrant. The prosperity of Virginia begins with the day when it received, as "a commonwealth," the freedom to make laws for itself.
Page 52 - Though the majority of our ancient family names are territorial, we have many large classes of exceptions, and the origin of most of them is not at all doubtful. Surnames can scarcely be said to have been permanently settled before the era of the Reformation. The keeping of parish registers was probably more instrumental than anything else in settling them; for if a person were entered under one name at baptism, it is not likely he would be married under another and buried under a third ; in some...

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