Northern Magic: Rune Mysteries & Shamanism

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Llewellyn Publications, 1998 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 246 pages

This in-depth primer of the magic of the Northern Way introduces the major concepts and practices of Gothic or Germanic magic. English, German, Dutch, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish peoples are all directly descended from this ancient Germanic cultural stock. According to author Edred Thorsson, if you are interested in living a holistic life with unity of body-mind-spirit, a key to knowing your spiritual heritage is found in the heritage of your body-in the natural features which you have inherited from your distant ancestors. Most readers of this book already "speak the language" of the Teutonic tradition.

Northern Magiccontains material that has never before been discussed in a practical way. This book outlines the ways of Northern magic and the character of the Northern magician. It explores the theories of traditional Northern psychology (or the lore of the soul) in some depth, as well as the religious tradition of the Troth and the whole Germanic theology. The remaining chapters make up a series of "mini-grimoires" on four basic magical techniques in the Northern Way: Younger Futhark rune magic, Icelandic galdor staves, Pennsylvania hex signs, and "seith" (or shamanism). This is an excellent overview of the Teutonic tradition that will interest neophytes as well as long-time travelers along the Northern Way.

  • Contains four complete handbooks of magical practice in one
  • Gives practical instructions on how to carve runes and make hex-signs
  • Provides the history of the Northern Renaissance
  • Outlines the Germanic Gods and Goddesses

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This was the first book I read dedicated strictly to the practice of Northern Magic. I found it to be a very interesting read.
The book delves into the Gods and Goddesses of the Germanic peoples
. The book seemed to focus on the Runes,covering both the Elder Futhark, and the Younger Futhark. It had some very interesting information on Galdor-Staves. One of the surprising things that I did not know was the association between the Pennsylvania Dutch and how Operant Hexology is directly related to the old Germanic ways. The book was detailed and very interesting. I would suggest this to anyone who wants a good introduction to these topics.  

About the author (1998)

Since 1972, Edred Thorsson has been dedicated to the esoteric and esoteric study of the Indo-European, Celtic and Teutonic traditions. He studied Old Irish, Middle Welsh and Indo-European religion and culture at major universities in Germany and in the United States.

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