Stumbling In Flats: ... a Funny Old Life with MS

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JustifiedText.Companyuk, 2015 - Multiple sclerosis - 403 pages

With a foreword by Janis H. Winehouse.

Short-listed for The International Rubery Book Award 2015.

If Bridget Jones had MS, this would be her diary - The MS Society.

The value of the Stumbling in Flats blog ... it opens so many avenues of support and understanding, not only to the sufferer, but to the family, the friends ... so that they will understand what it's like to walk through treacle - Janis H. Winehouse.

Social media is an increasingly important way for people affected by MS to get support, information and inspiration. Barbara's writing offers all of this plus a winning sense of humour - a vital ingredient in living well with MS. - The MS Trust

From running in heels to stumbling in flats - one day in 2011, Barbara woke up unable to speak properly, walk in a straight line or stay awake for longer than a few hours. She didn't know it then, but that day was to change her life forever. In 2012, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

She began blogging at to show the day-to-day reality of living with MS, a teenager and a cat, in amongst coping with a rapidly-disappearing career, late-night pity-parties-for-one, discrimination in the workplace and adjusting to a whole new life with MS.

She's unflinchingly honest in her portrayal and exploration of this strange new world, where the McDonald criteria are no longer a way of judging French Fries but a tick-list for an MS diagnosis. Alongside scans, blood tests, a lumbar puncture and medication, she battles with The Teenager (school uniform angst, an undying devotion to pizza) and life in general (facing 40, a non-existent fitness regime, chocolate).

After two years of blogging she has now collated a large selection into a book. She's also corrected her appalling spelling and grammar mistakes along the way.

In coming to terms with her diagnosis, she discovers she's actually pretty strong and can definitely see the funny side to a serious illness.

You've read the misery-memoirs, now read the book that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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About the author (2015)

Barbara was born in Glasgow way back in the 1970's and moved to South Wales when she was 14.

She has lived and worked in Austria, Scandinavia, New York and Hawaii in jobs as varied as au-pair, translator, homoeopath and clinic receptionist.

Barbara was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2012 and was subsequently unfairly dismissed from her job. She started blogging about life with MS the same year at; the blog is now read in over 100 countries.

She is currently working for a friend's company and is studying for an MA in Creative Writing. She still has no idea what she wants to do when she grows up.

When not hanging around doctor's waiting rooms or having blood tests, she enjoys attempting to perfect the anguished-writer persona in cafes where she scribbles nonsense in her notepad and ponders life.

She lives in Cardiff with her son, The Teenager and a cat.

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