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This book is not factually sourced and can be disregarded in its entirety. It appears to be a highly subjective, opinionated narrative from the perspective of an outsider who had little understanding of the internal dynamics of activism or
of the Latino or Asian movement within Oakland.
It would certainly not qualify as a academically robust account of the political history within Oakland: especially during the three year reappointment exercise that included the Latino, Asian AND African American leadership. Contrary to this author's fictional assertion of racial tension and conflict among the leaders of color, it was probably one of the finest examples of inter-racial cooperation and common cause in the history of Oakland. The relationships formed during the 1993 reappointment process continued to produce dividends for years thereafter and contributed to decades of peace between communities of color.
Don't buy this book of fantasy as it has no factual underpinnings and perpetuates a stereotyping of communities of color as essentially uncooperative and in a state of perpetual animus and conflict. I should know, I was there through the entire three year period leading up to the passage of the 1993 reappointment map. The fact that the map passed is a testimony to the exceptionally high level cooperation between communities of color and an affirmation of the possibilities when communities work together for a common purpose. Moreover, it dismisses this book of fiction in its entirety as having no merit.

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