Amritsar and Our Duty to India

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T. F. Unwin, Limited, 1920 - Amritsar (India) - 196 pages

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Page 222 - The poems are striking pen-pictures of life as it is lived by those men of the English-speaking races whose lot is cast in the sun-bathed countries of Latin-America. Mr. Atkin's verses will reach the hearts of all who feel the call of the wanderlust, and, having shared their pleasures and hardships, his poems will vividly recall to " old-timers " bygone memories of days spent in the land of the Coconut Tree.
Page 216 - Pewter. By HJLJ MASSE, MA With 52 half-tone and numerous other Illustrations. Cloth, 10s. 6d. net. Second Impression. " It is a remarkably thorough and well-arranged guide to the subject, supplied with useful illustrations and with lists of pewterers and of their marks so complete as to make it a very complete and satisfactory book of reference.
Page 214 - Impression. Every branch of the subject is carefully and explicitly handled in this book, and valuable information as to technical processes and identification of prints is given. " If there is a better book of its kind on print collecting we have not yet come across it." Daily Graphic. " A very useful handbook for beginners, intended to help any reader of artistic tastes, but very moderate means, to collect to good purpose.
Page 197 - The chief reasons for this were ignorance as to the trade conditions and the varied resources of the country, and the general unrest and instability of most of the governments. With the coming of the South American Series of handbooks the financial world began to realize the importance of the country, and, with more settled conditions, began in earnest to develop the remarkable natural resources which awaited outside enterprise. Undoubtedly the most informative books on the various Republics are...
Page 231 - THE BEST PLAYS OF CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE. Edited, with Critical Memoir and Notes, by Havelock Ellis ; and containing a General Introduction to the Series by John Addington Symonds.
Page 228 - SUNNY SONGS. Poems. By EDGAR A. GUEST. Cloth, 4/6 net. In America Mr. Guest is an extraordinarily popular writer of verses, though this is his first introduction in book form to the British public. He brims over with sound sense and tonic cheeriness. He is keenly sensible of the humour of domestic life, but is deeply sympathetic with the associations which combine in the word
Page 229 - of Richard Middleton are to be found some of the finest of contemporary lyrics." Country Life. OTHER WORKS BY RICHARD MIDDLETON THE GHOST SHIP AND OTHER STORIES. MONOLOGUES. THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY. THE WAITING WOMAN and other Poems. By HERBERT KAUFMAN. Cloth, 4/6 net. " Mr. Kaufman's work possesses in a high degree the qualities of sincerity and truth, and it therefore never fails to move the reader. . . . This volume, in short, is the work of a genuine poet and artist.
Page 229 - Review. POEMS AND SONGS (Second Series). By RICHARD MIDDLETON. Cloth, 5/- net. " Their beauty is undeniable and often of extraordinary delicacy for Middleton had a mastery of craftmanship such as is usually given to men of a far wider imaginative experience.
Page 199 - The Times. 8 Venezuela. By LEONARD V. DALTON, FGS, FRGS With a Map and 45 Illustrations. Cloth, 15/- net. Third Impression. " An exhaustive and valuable survey of its geography, geology, history, botany, zoology and anthropology, and of its commercial possibilities in the near future.
Page 198 - Mexico. By C. REGINALD ENOCK, FRGS With an Introduction by MARTIN HUME, a Map and 64 Illustrations. Cloth, 15/- net. Fifth Impression. " The book is most comprehensive ; the history, politics, topography, industries, resources and possibilities being most ably discussed.

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