iUniverse, 2005/07/13
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'Intentions are capricious things; they are a fool's guide and the Devil's play-ground. Interesting, isn't it, how the best of intentions pave the road to hell with the corpses of their victims?"

This is a tale of human nature and human will. It is the story a girl named Tiffany and the tyrant whose tragic good intentions would make herself, herself detest. His will would lead them both down a road paved with his good intentions. This road lead to that infamous gate whose inscription read:


This was their destiny, he was her Raven, and they would be bound together by bonds of fate like steel that would hold them bound for their forever. Neither would ever be the same again.neither could ever be the same again, not after what they had done.

What horrors this world could hold and the pain that the tyranny of men could wreck! It was indeed an ancient misery that man turned upon himself as a snake eating its own tail in an insatiable greed. Oh, Woe! Tyranny was thy soul! The very plague of the ages; drenched in the blood of men, it wallowed eternally in this gore and gloried in the suffering of its victims! Beaten down in a flood of fresh blood spilled in Liberty's sweet name, it would but rise again like a phoenix of horror to renewed slaughter. Of all the enemies man had ever faced, man was the worst.

Now they, as so many luckless generations before, had to confront this auld demon of death and destruction and face all of the horrors it held. And it would hold nothing of its horrors back, for there was no mercy in its nature.

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