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A true piece of history through the eyes of a holocaust survivor as told by his son. Dont we all disregard our irrelevant parents until we seek to understand Read full review

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Maus by Art Spiegelman is a graphic novel depicting the life of the author’s parents in Nazi Germany as Jews. Spiegelman uses personification of various animals to represent differing races during the World War II time period. The mice, Jews, are segregated, beaten, imprisoned, and murdered by the cats, Germans. This graphic novel cuts to the heart of the racism that fed the Jewish Holocaust. 

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Maus: A survivor's taleMaus is an intruiging story and I thouroughly enjoyed reading it. At first I was guilty of stereotyping this book by its genre. Graphic novels (so i thought) were just anime exept less words. My point of view has been completly turned around. The fact that this is a completly true story just amazed me. Art spiegalmans genius portrayal of diffrent races as different animals made this story a lot easier to read and comprehend.There was no confusion as to who was a jew nazi or pole. Another benefit of the animal symbolism was that it was much easier to swallow to see a mouse be slammmed against the wall , beaten to death or hung han it would be to see a human. When you see a human. you put yourself in that position and think what you would do.Opposed to when your looking at a mouse your thinking about what is actually going on to the mouse in the story, not your opinions.While reading this book i completely forgot it was a true story. I got caught up in the characters relationships and feelings. Later when i thought about it it was shockingly similar to other stoies ive read on the holocaust in its realism. This book was amazing and i would happily reccomend it to anyone. 

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This Book Is One Of The Sadest Books I Have Ever Read. I Cried Over 20 Times In The First Chapter. It Is An Amazing Book. I Think People Should Read It Ages 12+. I Am Under Aged But I Still Like This Book. The Reason Why I Am Thinking It Should Be For People Older Then Me Is Because I Am Still Scared And I Will Never Be The Same. Also, If You Have Alot Of Fears, Like Me, Then You Should Not Read This Book. The Cover Alot Of Fears. 

Review: Maus I: A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History (Maus #1)

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It was a amazing to hear a story like this about the Holocaust because the events have enough action to be worthy of a movie, yet it's all real and at times told from the point of view from a person ... Read full review

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