Venetian Studies

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K. Paul, Trench & Company, 1887 - Venice (Italy) - 433 pages
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Page 214 - ... four Scotch lords standing distant in several corners of the chamber ; at the sight of whom he made a stand ; which the king observing, bade him be bold and deliver his message ; for he would undertake for the secrecy of all that were present.
Page 214 - Lindsey made known to the king, the king required his name — which was said to be Octavio Baldi — -and appointed him to be heard privately at a fixed hour that evening. "When Octavio Baldi came to the presencechamber door, he was requested to lay aside his long rapier, — which, Italian-like, he then wore ; — and being entered the chamber, he found there with the king three or four Scotch lords standing distant in several corners of the chamber ; at the sight of whom he made a stand ; which...
Page 325 - ... and her eighty serving-men, her favourite negress with the parrots, her apes and peacocks and hounds, and dwarf buffoon. Here the still days went by in garden walks, or by the little brooks, or in the oak grove, where the company would talk of love as though it had no life, like some dead god that could not reach their hearts ; or else would sing the sun to his setting with touch of lute strings and sweetly modulated voices. A dreamy, gentle company in a soft, rich land, where the seasons melted...
Page 179 - Carthage, sustained their deadly struggles upon its waters ; and until the discovery of the passage round the Cape of Good Hope, the commerce of the world passed through the ports of the Mediterranean.
Page 223 - La carita della nobile donna,' he says, ' verso la moglie del gondoliere merita senza dubbio gran lode, ma il sottoscritto s' imagina che 1' avvocato piii scaltro si troverebbe bene intrigato di produrre una legge o esempio per incaricare 1'Ambasciatore Inglese di questa carita.' The matter was probably arranged, for on the 22nd of October Lord Northampton arrived, incognito, of course, with all his suite, and took up his residence. Lord Northampton was ill, and it was not till the beginning of the...
Page 89 - ... space. Evasive and pervasive, this dark, inscrutable body ruled Venice with a rod of iron. For good or for bad, the Council of Ten was the very child of the new aristocracy, which had won its battle against both the people and the old nobility.
Page 214 - Bernard Lindsey, one of the king's bed-chamber, to procure him a speedy and private conference with his majesty, assuring him, " That the business which he was to negotiate, was of such consequence, as had caused the great duke of Tuscany to enjoin him suddenly to leave his native country of Italy, to impart it to his king.
Page 215 - Baldi steps to the tahle, and whispers to the King in his own language, that he was an Englishman, beseeching him for a more private conference with his Majesty, and that he might be concealed during his stay in that nation ; which was promised and really performed by the King, during all his abode there, which was about three months ; all which time was spent with much pleasantness to the King, and with as much to Octavio Baldi himself, as that country could afford ; from which be departed as true...
Page 397 - ... sky. There is a perpetual miracle of change ; one day is not like another, one hour varies from the next ; there is no stable outline, such as one finds among the mountains, no permanent vista, as in a view across a plain. The two great constituents...
Page 397 - The cloud-wreaths of this evening's sunset will never be repeated again ; the bold and buttressed piles of those cloud-mountains will never be built again just so for us ; the grain of orange and crimson that stains the water before our prow, we cannot be sure that we shall look upon its like again. The...

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