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A friend introduced me to this book in high school - and it was such irreverent fun that I picked up another Kotzwinkle book, "Doctor Rat", in college. I've become addicted to this wonderful author's view of the world and magnificent wording, sometimes silly and pointless, as when we become Horse Badorties, man, wandering the streets of New York and living in the way only he can, and sometimes totally serious and touching, as in "Swimmer in the Secret Sea". Kotzwinkle is pure genius.
And of course, I no longer call my winter hat choice a "bomber hat". I have the official leather version of the Commander Schmuck Korean Earflap Cap (and calling it that always makes my boss look at me like I'm a few cards short of a deck). Horse has so much fun that I actually thought about moving to New York at one point - until I realized that I have no need of being among that many people.
For a bit of fun, read this book.
If you're too busy looking for a message in every story, you shouldn't be reading anything I recommend.

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