A Key of Solutions to Examples in Eaton's Common School Arithmetic

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Thompson, Bigelow & Brown, 1873 - Arithmetic - 143 pages
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Page 91 - That is, each grade is multiplied by the corresponding prescribed weight, and the sum of the products is divided by the sum of the weights. In like manner the rating of applicant A
Page 104 - If a cone is cut by a plane parallel to the base, the portion of it between this plane and the base is called a frustum of the cone. The section by the plane is called the upper base, and the perpendicular distance between the bases is the altitude. The volume of a frustum of a cone is given by precisely the same formula as the respective one for the...
Page 97 - ... similar figures are to each other as the squares of their homologous sides.
Page 57 - To find the time in which any sum will double itself, at any rate per cent., divide 100 by the rate, and the quotient will be the time in years. 8. In how many years will $50 amount to $100, it being on interest at 8 per cent. ? Ans. 12yr. 6m. 9. How long will it take any sum of money to double itself on interest at 6 per cent. ? 10. In what time will a sum of money triple itself on interest...
Page 116 - Consequently, to combine these two conditions, thq property must be divided in such a manner, that the son may have twice as much as the mother, and the mother twice as much as the daughter.
Page 122 - Hence it appears, he gained -fa of a cent on each lemon, which is 1 cent on 14 lemons. Therefore he bought 14 X 25 = 350 lemons. 57. 8^ barrels. 58. To answer this question, the 12 hours from noon to midnight are to be divided into 2 parts, in the ratio of 4 to 5. 4+5=9; \ of 12 is \\\ 1^X4 is 5^.

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