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this book is good so far but i think they should allow you to read more thank just 3 chapters. it just cuts you off in on the end of the page then you cant read anymore

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i have read these books for a long time and somehow i always end up reading until 3 am XD these are the best dont-wanna-stop-reading, gives-you-the-chills, suspensing book

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I think that this book is RAVING and AMAZING because its the telltale signs of what everyone wants in a relationship. DRAMA, ROMANCE, AND FUN.....who wouldn't want that? I recommend this book because its addicting fun-filled action packed romance. Its about as addicting as Roman is to Ever but this time we have free will and we control it. While I was reading this book I found myself talking about it non-stop I read the 3rd book in 3 days and am currently on the 4TH one so far so great I'm loving it..... 

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This book.... is just spectacular. There are climax falls and how at different parts of the book, Ever rises to the occasion. This book kept me on the edge of my seat and once i found my self falling onto the floor. I felt every moment of this book as if i were there. As if i were Ever. If i had read this book without reading the ones before it, it would have made no sense. But i did, so it did. This book is fantastic and i sugjest that EVERYONE read this book. This seires, the plot, the elements, it just brings me to my feet in applaud. This an amasing book and i feel that everyone can compare to Ever, and that is what makes this book so wonderful. 

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this book is amazing! i reckomend that if you havent read this series, you have been missing out. this is one of the best book(s) i have ever read, and cant stop thinking about it.

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Amazing my favorite book out of this series!

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i am a fan of the immortal series and cannot wait until Dark flame comes out. :)

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I love this series! I love Ever and Damen!

This is an excellent book

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if your into reading this is a must read by Alyson Noel Read full review

Read em

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I loved the books and so did my mothershes a Twillight fan. I cant wait till the 6th one!!! Read full review

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