A Manual of the Operations of Surgery: For the Use of Senior Students, House Surgeons, and Junior Practitioners

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MacLachlan & Stewart, 1883 - Operations, Surgical - 311 pages

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Page 8 - Its course corresponds to a line drawn from a point midway between the anterior superior spine of the ilium and the symphysis pubis, to the inner side of the inner condyle of the femur.
Page 92 - consists in reflecting a rounded or semi-oval flap of skin and fat from the front of the joint, dividing everything else straight down to the bone, and sawing the bone slightly above the plane of the muscles, thus forming a flat-faced stump with a bonnet of integument to fall over it.
Page 64 - I then with a gentle curve carry my incision across and fairly through the lower fibres of the deltoid towards the posterior border of the axilla, unless the textures be much torn. I next mark out the line of the lower part of the inner section by carrying an incision, through the skin and fat only, from the point where my straight incision terminated, across the inside of the arm to meet the incision at the outer part. This ensures accuracy in the line of union, but is not essential.
Page 195 - I not feared that the epiglottis might be implicated in the disease, which extended beyond the reach of my finger, and thus suffer injury from the knife if used without a guide. I therefore cut away about two-thirds of the tongue, and then, being able to reach the os hyoides with my finger, retained it there while the remaining attachments were divided by the knife in my other hand close to the bone. Some small arterial branches having been tied, the edges of the wound were brought together and retained...
Page 64 - ... and taking care to keep the edge of the knife close to the bone, as in excision, the trunk of the posterior circumflex is protected. The only vessel which bleeds is the anterior circumflex divided in the first incision, and here, if necessary, a pair of catch forceps can be placed on it at once.
Page 8 - One extremity of this incision will be situated near the spine of the ilium ; the other will terminate a little above the inner margin of the abdominal ring. The aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle will be exposed, and is to be divided throughout the extent, and in the direction of the external wound. The flap which is thus formed being raised, the spermatic cord will be seen passing under the margin of the internal oblique and transverse muscles. The opening in the fascia, which lines the...
Page 92 - II. fig. 8) the point of the knife close to his finger, bringing it round through skin and fat below the patella to the spot pressed by his thumb ; then turning the edge downwards at a right angle with the line of the limb, he passes it through to the spot where it first entered, cutting outwards through everything behind the bone (Plate IV.
Page 195 - I cut through the middle of the lip and continued the incision down to the os hyoides, then sawed through the jaw in the same line, and, insinuating my finger under the tongue as a guide to the knife, divided the mucous lining of the mouth, together with the attachment of the geniohyoglossi. While the two halves of the bone were held apart I dissected backwards, and cut through the hyoglossi along with the mucous membrane covering them, so as to allow the tongue to be pulled forward and bring into...
Page 77 - The foot being held at a right angle to the leg, the point of the knife is introduced immediately below the malleolar projection of the fibula, rather nearer its posterior than anterior edge, and then carried across the bone, slightly inclining backwards, to the inner side of the ankle, where it terminates at the point exactly opposite its commencement...
Page 134 - ... the patella, its ligament, and the joint thereby exposed. The synovial capsule was cut through as far as it could be seen ; the patella and its ligament were now drawn over the internal condyle, while the joint was kept extended. It was next forcibly flexed, the crucial ligaments, almost breaking in the act, only required a slight touch of 'the knife to divide them completely ; the articular surfaces of both bones were thus completely brought to view, and nearly two inches of the femur and half...

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