Cook's tourist's handbook for the Black forest

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Page 107 - end of the lake, is the terminus of the Bavarian Railway. Bregenz, in the Vorarlberg, is a good starting-point for the Tyrol. It is thus sketched by Adelaide Proctor :— " Girt round with rugged mountains, The fair Lake Constance lies ; In her blue heart reflected, Shine back the starry skies
Page 108 - For Bregenz, that quaint city Upon the Tyrol shore, Has stood above Lake Constance A thousand years and more. Her battlements and towers, From off their rocky steep, Have cast their trembling shadows For ages on the deep ; Mountain, and lake, and valley, A sacred legend know, Of how the town was saved one night, Three hundred years ago,"—etc., etc.
Page 107 - And, watching each white cloudlet Float silently and slow, You think a piece of heaven Midnight is there ; and silence, Enthroned in heaven, looks down Upon her own calm mirror, Upon a sleeping town
Page 104 - it, but it shall be painted afresh in all hearts by much better preachers than myself. The nation that loves Christ will rejoice at this; and I, awaking from among the dead, and rising, so to speak, from my grave, shall leap with great joy.
Page 65 - the air with light; and how, through the curdling wreaths of the restless, crashing abyss below, the blue of the water, paled by the foam in its body, shows purer than the sky through white rain cloud; while the shuddering iris stoops in tremulous stillness over all, fading and flushing alternately through the choking spray and shattered sunshine, hiding itself at last among the thick golden
Page 171 - Miserere." Adoration of relics in St. Peter's by the Pope. Thursday. Sistine Chapel, High Mass. Procession of the Pope to the Pauline Chapel, which is illuminated. St. Peter's — the Pope blesses the people from the balcony : washes the feet of thirteen priests ; serves thirteen priests at table. " Tenebrse " and "Miserere

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