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time will tell

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thank you for the wonderful review- my first over a year-i expect nothing less from an atheist- and silence from weak of faith followers in any demoniation-my words have pain within it and thus a spoiled population doesnt understand until you yourself fall from grace- thus- world economy collapses by energy as solutions cannot be uncovered by aggresive bullying population- global economy collapses and the god of atheism goes away=jobs- humility comes again as always in history for how does one pass the baton to each generation. The solution to the energy crisis with no greenhouse gases- WE have to EARN it. when enough lives hurt from prevailing economic downturn a mental transition will happen in man- the taming of man is underway- submission is the name of the game on the planet of the apes;) my experiment ends energy crisis-time will tell-2012-solomon azar 

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