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This is another book from the west where another western scholr wanted to write about Rwandan genocide. It is unrealistic to say that the Rwandan genocide happened because of economic problem that Rwanda was facing in 1980s. If it iwas about economy the Rwandan conflict would have taken another shape not the way it did happen. From a conflict analyst point of view and to have been born and raised in Rwanda I have more authority to review this book. This book is one of those books written a way long before the Rwandan genocide happened with very little or no enough knowledge of the Rwandan conflict dynamics. here is what happened contrary to the causes this book is describing:
Rwandan genocide happened because of the minerals in DRC that the western economy badly needed. they had predicted the 2007-10 recession and they were looking for raw materials to sustain their ever dwindling economy. Rwanda was an easy catch since it had Tuts refugees in Uganda who had supported Museveni to rule Baganda people so it was very easy for Clinton and Blair to recruit these rebels to come and kill their much hated enemies in order to pave the road to go and loot DRC. That is what happened briefly. to say that Rwanda massacre happened because of economic reasons within Rwanda that is a misplaced analysis of conflict. the massacre happened because of the issue of identity conflict, power struggle, and long held perception. if you want to know more about what caused Rwandan genocide I would invite you to read these two links: I will be back with more analysis

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