Scholasticism Old and New: An Introduction to Scholastic Philosophy, Medieval and Modern

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M. H. Gill & son, Limited, 1907 - Neo-Scholasticism - 327 pages
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Page 91 - Mox de generibus et speciebus illud •quidem sive subsistant sive in nudis intellectibus posita sint, sive subsistentia corporalia sint an incorporalia, et utrum separata a sensibilibus an in sensibilibus posita et circa haec consistentia, dicere recusabo.
Page 150 - Illorum tamen suppositiones quas adinvenerunt, non est necessarium esse veras: licet enim, talibus suppositionibus factis, apparentia salvarentur, non tamen oportet dicere has suppositiones esse veras; quia forte secundum aliquem alium modum, nondum ab hominibus comprehensum, apparentia circa stellas salvantur.
Page 273 - Since individual courage feels itself powerless in the presence of the field of observation which goes on widening day by day, association must make up for the insufficiency of the isolated worker; men of analysis and men of synthesis must come together and form, by their daily intercourse and united action, an atmosphere suited to be the harmonious development of science and philosophy alike.
Page 202 - ... purposes; on both accounts they at once need and subserve each other. And further, the comprehension of the bearings of one science on -another, and the use of each to each, and the location and limitation and adjustment and due appreciation of them all, one with another, this belongs, I conceive, to a sort of science distinct from all of them, and in some sense a science of sciences, which is my own conception of what is meant by philosophy, in the true sense of the word, and of a philosophical...
Page 123 - Et ideo quanto aliqua magis sunt immobilia tanto sunt magis causa eorum quae sunt magis mobilia. Corpora autem caelestia sunt inter alia corpora magis immobilia; non enim moventur nisi motu locali. Et ideo motus horum inferiorum corporum, qui sunt varii et multiformes, reducuntur in motum corporis cselestis sicut in causam.
Page 211 - Modern scholasticism aims at submitting the great, leading principles of medieval scholasticism to the control of the latest results of scientific progress. Theories now known to be false are simply abandoned; the great, constitutive doctrines of the medieval system are retained, but only after having successfully stood the double test of comparison with the conclusions of present day science and with the teachings of contemporary systems of philosophy.
Page 309 - Chronicle of (facsimile edition) (Studies in Economics and Political Science, London School of Economics and Political Science...
Page 84 - Theoricus sive speculativus intellectus in hoc proprie ab operativo sive practico distinguitur, quod speculativus habet pro fine veritatem quam considerat, practicus autem veritatem consideratam ordinat in operationem tanquam in finem: et ideo dicit Philosophus III de Anima, quod differunt ab invicem fine, et in II Metaphysic. dicitur, quod finis speculativae est veritas, finis operativae sive practicae, actio.
Page 272 - ... the scientific world and to be heard by them ; then we can answer the eternal objection that faith binds us, that faith and reason are incompatible, better far than by abstract principles, better far than by an appeal to the past: we can. answer it by the stubborn evidence of actual and living facts. "If we must devote ourselves to works of analysis, we must remember — experience has only too clearly shown — that analysis left to itself easily gives rise to narrowness of mind, to a sort of...
Page 32 - Recherches historiques et critiques sur la vie, les ouvrages et la doctrine de Henri de Gand, surnommé le docteur solennel.

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