The Life and Times of Carey, Marshman, and Ward: Embracing the History of the Serampore Mission, Volume 2

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Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts, 1859 - Baptists
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Page 511 - Thou Holy Ghost, arise, Expand thy quick'ning wing, And o'er a dark and ruined world Let light and order spring. " All on the earth, arise, To God the Saviour sing; From shore to shore, from earth to heaven, Let echoing
Page 35 - that presume to grapple with their faith? What can be apprehended but the disgrace and discomfiture of whole hosts of tub preachers in the conflict?" Mr. Marsh then proceeded to upbraid Mr. Grant, one of the Directors, for objecting to the introduction of merchants into India, who from motives of self-interest would be likely to pursue a conciliatory course, while
Page 173 - precipitate or immature attempts of this nature there is great danger) by desiring to accomplish in a day what must be the work of a century." In the midst of these engagements, the missionaries received two successive replies from the society to their letter of September of the preceding year. The
Page 42 - Christianity to the natives, no one was less willing than himself to throw a shade over so bright a prospect; but he must say that if they expected success, it must proceed from gradual and temperate proceedings. With regard to the missionaries, he must say, that while he was
Page 245 - Even one or two good men thought the attempt utterly impracticable. India, in short, had long been considered an impregnable fortress defended by the gods. . . . Now, in all that concerns the mental and moral cultivation of India, the Governor-General and the government of Bengal are become powerful auxiliaries. Native schools have for years
Page 59 - realised, shall we then think that we have laboured in vain, and spent our strength for nought ? " At the beginning of this year, the Roman Catholic
Page 59 - can save to the uttermost — the sick and dying are no more dragged to the Ganges, but look to the Lamb of God, and commit their souls into His faithful hands
Page 35 - saw no danger in opening every port to swarms of missionaries and hosts of fanatics, men whose nature and character it was to consider themselves absolved from all human restraints, and free from all human motives, in effecting the object of their calling. He thought it
Page 487 - is impossible not to deplore the same defective state in the agricultural as in every other science in this country. Look where you will, examine the whole scheme of this Indian system, and you will find the same result; poverty, inferiority, degradation in every shape. For all these evils, knowledge
Page 234 - and elegant form, prepared at Birmingham. The spacious grounds were surrounded with iron railing, and the front entrance was adorned with a noble gate, likewise cast at Birmingham. The reverend historian of the Baptist Mission, in his remarks on Serampore College, says, " if there were a tincture of ambition in the scheme which piety might deplore, allowances ought to

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