Preces Sancti Nersetis Clajensis Armeniorum Patriarchae

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In Insula S. Lazari, 1882 - Christianity - 597 pages
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Page 206 - Judge, when thou comest with the glory of the Father to judge the living and the dead, enter not into judgment with thy servant; but deliver me from eternal fire, and grant that may hear that most blessed invitation of the Just to thy heavenly kingdom.
Page 208 - Lord, receive the prayers of thy servant; and fulfil my petitions for my good, through the intercession of the holy mother of God, and John the Baptist, and the first martyr St. Stephen, and St. Gregory our Illuminator, and the holy Apostles, Prophets, Doctors, Martyrs, Patriarchs, Hermits, Virgins, and all thy Saints in heaven and on earth.
Page 198 - Essence, I have sinned against thee with my mind, with my soul, and with my body, remember not my former sins, for the sake of thy holy name. Have mercy on thy creatures, and on me a grievous sinner. Beholder of all, I have sinned against thee, in thought, word, and deed; blot out the hand-writing of my trespasses, and write my name in the book of Life. Have mercy on thy creatures, and on me a grievous sinner.
Page 201 - ... quickening fire, inflame my soul with the fire of thy love, which thou hast shed on the earth, that it may consume the stains of my soul; clear my conscience, purify my body from sin, and kindle in my heart the light of thy knowledge. Have mercy on thy creatures, and on me a grievous sinner. 11...
Page 203 - ... soul and body, from the allurements of sin, from the temptations of the devil, from evil men, and from all dangers corporal and spiritual. Have mercy on thy creatures, and on me a grievous sinner. 15 0 Christ, who art the keeper of all, let thy right hand guard and shelter me day and night ; when I sit in the house, and when I walk by the way ; when I lie down, and when I rise up, that I may never fall.
Page 197 - Son of God, and true God, who didst come down from the bosom of the Father, and wast incarnate of the holy Virgin Mary for our redemption...
Page 196 - Heavenly Father, and true God, who didst send thy beloved Son to seek the lost sheep, I have sinned against Heaven and before thee; receive me like the prodigal son, and clothe me with that garment of which I was deprived by sin.
Page 202 - Heavenly King, grant me thy kingdom, which thou hast promised to thy beloved ; and strengthen my heart to hate sin, to love thee alone, and to do thy will.
Page 199 - Have mercy on thy creatures, and on me a grievous sinner. 0 Lord, the protector of all, place thy holy fear as a guard before my eyes, that they may no more look with wantonness; before my ears, that they may not delight in hearing evil discourses; before my mouth, that it may speak no falsehood; before my heart, that it may not meditate wickedness, before my hands, that they may not do injustice; before my feet, that they may not walk in the ways of iniquity; but direct their motions...
Page 63 - Ayez pitié de vos créatures, et de moi, car je suis un très-grand pécheur. « Fils de Dieu, vrai Dieu, qui êtes émané du sein du Père, qui avez pris un corps dans les flancs de la sainte Vierge Marie pour notre rédemption, qui avez été attaché à la croix, qui avez été enseveli, qui êtes ressuscité des morts, et qui êtes monté vers le Père: j'ai péché contre le Ciel, j'ai blessé vos regards; daignez vous ressouvenir de moi, comme du larron pénitent, lorsque vous viendrez prendre...

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