Message of ...[the] Governor of Kentucky to the General Assembly ...

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Page 7 - ... fully protected while engaged in the discharge of his duties, as well as to secure the execution of his orders, he should be furnished with a sufficient guard of select men, vested with constabulary power, to be appointed and placed under his control by the Governor, with authority to increase their number should he deem it necessary.
Page 5 - He shall be Commander-in-Chief of the army and navy of this Commonwealth, and of the militia thereof, except when they shall be called into the service of the United States; but he shall not command personally in the field, unless advised so to do by a resolution of the General Assembly.
Page 28 - It was a Governor of Kentucky who, in 1873, justly said to his State Legislature : " I cannot but regard the present system under which the State penitentiary is leased and managed as a reproach to the commonwealth. ... It is the system, not the officer acting under it, with which I find fault.
Page 5 - That the enrolled militia shall be subject to no active duty, except in case of war, invasion, the prevention of invasion, the suppression of riots, and to aid civil officers in the execution of the laws of the...
Page 19 - ... first importance to the city, and to all parts of the State. The method by which these results may be attained, I leave to your intelligent judgment, confident that you -will agree with me, that whatever appropriate legislation can effect towards these desirable ends, is clearly required at your hands. In my last annual message I called the attention of the Legislature to the fact that the fearful epidemic which had raged with such violence in many parts of Europe, had already made its appearance...
Page 17 - The diversion of the surplus capital of the State to corporations enjoying such immunities must inevitably result in imposing an increased rate of taxation upon the real estate and producing classes, besides lodging a dangerous power in the hands of these privileged institutions.
Page 32 - THEODORE O'HARA, and Adjutant GEORGE N. CARDWELL, brought to and deposited in the State military lot atFrankfort, and their graves marked with appropriate stones.
Page 18 - I am sure if a proper agency were employed to attend to the interest of the State in these corporations, and secure its equitable share of their earnings, the amount received from them by the public Treasury would be greatly increased.
Page 32 - ... information would be of great value to the Board of Equalization, and would, it is believed, be of such general interest and usefulness as to amply repay the expense incurred. The additions and deductions determined will be found in statement No. 12. TAXES LEVIED. By the provisions of laws enacted by the last General Assembly, it was made the duty of the Auditor to compute and levy rates of taxation necessary to provide for defraying the current expenses of the State government and appropriations,...
Page 31 - It is neither patriotism nor party zeal that collects those noisy, turbulent, and riotous crowds which surround the polls, and often by their violence prevent the peaceful, quiet citizen, from casting his vote; which malces the voting place an arena for the settlement of old feuds in bloody conflict and the occasion of new ones.

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