Johns hopkins university studies in historical and political science

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Page 243 - XI. Seminary Libraries and University Extension. By HB ADAMS. 25 cents. XII. European .Schools of History and Politics. By AD WHITE. 25 cents. SIXTH SERIES.— The History of Co-operation in the United States.— $3.50.
Page 243 - I-II. The Beginnings of American Nationality. By AW SMALL. $1.00. III. Local Government in Wisconsin. By DE SPENCER.
Page 148 - ELY. 35 cents. IV. Samuel Adams, the Man of the Town Meeting. By JAMES K. HOSMER. 35 cents. V-VI. Taxation in the United States. By HENRY CARTER ADAMS. 50 cents. VII.
Page 241 - All business communications should be addressed to THE JOHNS HOPKINS PRESS, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND. Subscriptions will also be received or single copies furnished by any of the following AMERICAN AGENTS. New York. — GP Putnam's Sons.
Page 160 - that the four faculties or colleges thus united, shall be and they are hereby constituted an university, by the name and under the title of The University of Maryland.
Page 233 - ... per volume. III. American Journal of Philology. BL GILDERSLEEVE, Editor. Quarterly. 8vo. Volume V in progress. $3 per volume. IV. Studies from the Biological Laboratory. Including the Chesapeake Zoological Laboratory. HN MARTIN, Editor, and WK BROOKS, Associate Editor. 8vo. Volume III in progress. $5 per volume. V. Studies in Historical and Political Science. HB ADAMS, Editor. Monthly. 8vo.
Page 148 - ADAMS. 50 cents, VII. Institutional Beginnings in a Western State. By JESSE MACY. 25 cents. VIII-IX. Indian Money in New England, etc. By WILLIAM B. WEEDEN. 50 cents.
Page 243 - II-III. Town Government in Rhode Island. By WE FOSTER. — The Narragansett Planters.
Page 243 - V. Introduction to the Constitutional and Political History of the individual States. By JF JAMESON.
Page 233 - Annual Register of the Johns Hopkins University. Giving the list of officers and students, and stating the regulations, etc.

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