The Marriage of Barry Wicklow

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W.J. Watt, 1921 - 292 pages

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Page 278 - He sat on the sofa with his elbows on his knees and his face hidden in his hands. He was still shivering nervously.
Page 291 - ... Has Forbes been here ?" inquired Baldwin when, a few minutes later, he entered his own drawingroom. Jane, who was sitting in front of the fire with her back towards him, did not answer. He went up to her. She had fallen back in her chair, with half-opened eyes and white lips like a corpse. He took her up in his arms as if she had been a child, and carried her into another room, where he laid her on a bed. He had often seen sick and, dying people, and he did not for a moment lose his presence...
Page 177 - ... with outstretched arms in such a position that the apparition must necessarily walk into his arms, unless it turned back. It came down slowly, step by step, without a moment's hesitation, though it must have seen the grenadier at the foot of the stairs long before. The page repeatedly told me that all the blood in his body seemed to have rushed to his head, and a shower of sparks dazzled his eyes. He did not, however, quit his position. When the figure was six steps above him, he cried, " Halt...
Page 175 - I wouldn't like to refuse a dollar to a man who needs it," said Richling. He took his hat off and ran his fingers through his hair. " I've seen the time when it was much easier to lend than it is just now." He thrust his hand down into his pocket and stood gazing at the sidewalk. The Italian glanced at Richling askance. and with one sweep of the eye from the softened crown of his hat to the slender, white, bursted slit in the outer...
Page 184 - He could not for the life of him understand how it was that nobody seemed to know that Hazel was his wife.
Page 195 - But the standing by was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life. He went to a seaside town where the season was just dragging to a close.
Page 188 - But," said I, "am I not a victim — preserved for the great sacrifice?" "You are; but you are free to go where you like, and do what you like.
Page 101 - DID he — I mean did you — ever ; Dulce, will you be very angry with me if I ask you a question ?" " No. But I hope it won't be a disagreeable one," says Dulce, glancing at him cautiously. " That is just as you may look at it,
Page 15 - ... and I have come to the conclusion, that it will be better for us to live apart, as we cannot live happily together.
Page 159 - She wondered what her mother would say if she could see her now with these Italian men.

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