The Boat Club, Or, The Bunkers of Rippleton

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Lee and Shepard, 1896 - Adventure stories - 321 pages

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Page 238 - ... over the spot. The Zephyr, impelled backward by the vigorous strokes of her crew, was several rods from the place before the club fully realized the nature of the unfortunate occurrence. The Thunderbolt was much nearer the place where Tim had disappeared than the Zephyr; but her crew seemed to be utterly paralyzed by the event, and unable to render the slightest assistance. One of the Bunkers took the helm, and endeavored to rally his companions; but in their confusion they were incapable of...
Page 300 - The story is by Captain Ralph Bonehill, and that is all that need be said about it, for all of our readers know that the captain is one of America's best story-tellers, so far as stories for young people go."— Young People of America. " We understand that Captain Bonehill will soon be turning from sporting stories to tales of the war. This field is one in which he should feel thoroughly at home. We are certain that the boys will look eagerly for the Bonehill war tales."— Weekly Messenger.
Page 300 - WHEN SANTIAGO FELL, Or The War Adventures of Two Chums. Two boys leave New York to join their parents in Cuba. The war between Spain and the Cubans is on. and the boys are detained at Santiago, but escape across the bay at night.
Page 234 - The Zephyr continued on her course. It was necessary for her to pass within a short distance of the Thunderbolt, and Frank feared they would retaliate upon them for their discomfiture in the forenoon. " Let every member of the club mind his oar," said he, as the boat approached the vicinity of the Bunkers ; " I will watch them ; I want you to mind what I say, and work quick when I speak.
Page 11 - ... of society. These books were bad, very bad, because they brought the reader into sympathy with evil and wicked men. It seemed to me that stories just as interesting, just as exciting, if you please, could be written, without any of the evil tendencies of these harmful books. I have tried to do this in the stories I have written for young people. I have never written a story which could excite the love, admiration, and sympathy of the reader for an evil person, a bad character. This has been my...
Page 168 - This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at...
Page 238 - The crew, though affected to some extent as the Bunkers were, used their oars with skill and energy. The presence of mind which Frank displayed inspired them with courage, and the Zephyr darted forward toward the spot where Tim had gone down. 4. " There he is ! " exclaimed Frank, with frantic earnestness ; " pull with all your might !
Page 239 - The boats were both several rods distant from him. He did not swim, but seemed to struggle with all his strength, apparently with a spasmodic effort, as though he had entirely lost his self-control. " Pull !" shouted Frank again. " Tony, stand ready with your boat-hook.
Page 240 - There he is!" exclaimed Tony, as he caught a sight of the drowning boy beneath the surface. 16. Fred dropped his boat-hook down into the water with the intention of fastening it into his clothes. 17. " He sinks again ! " cried Tony, throwing off his jacket and shoes. 18. Before any of the crew could fully understand his purpose, so quick were his movements, he dived from the bow of the boat deep down into the water. 19. The boys held their breath in the intensity of their feelings. Two or three of...
Page 237 - He had withheld the order to stop and back her till the last moment, so that Tim should have no time to change the course of the Thunderbolt, and thus derange his plan. As it was, it was a very narrow escape, and nothing but the promptness with which the order was executed averted the impending catastrophe. The Thunderbolt passed across the course of the Zephyr, not three feet from her bow. Tim saw that he was foiled, and, enraged at his disappointment, he aimed a blow at Tony with the long stick,...

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