The History of Hindostan,: Translated from the Persian, Volume 1

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Vernor and Hood, Cuthell and Martin, J. Walker, Wynne and Scholey, John Debrett, Blacks and Parry, T. Kay, and J. Asperne, 1803 - Bengal (India)

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Page xxviii - The Hindoos have, from all antiquity, been divided into FOUR GREAT TRIBES, each of which comprehends a variety of inferior casts.
Page 215 - He therefore exhorted her to persevere in her duty with patience, and God would reward her in the end. As the emperor of India never eats in public, his table was rather that of a hermit, than suitable to a great king. He also continued the whimsical notion of living by his pen.
Page lxxvi - The unlimited power which Mahommedanism gives to every man in his own family, habituates mankind to slavery. Every child is taught, from his infancy, to look upon his father as the absolute disposer of life and death. The number of •wives and concubines which the more wealthy and powerful entertain, is a cause of animosity and quarrel, which nothing but a severe and unaccountable power in the master of a family can repress. This private species of despotism is, in miniature, the counter-part of...
Page 253 - Mahomedan faith, yet he adopted some particular doctrines of his own, which caused him to neglect attendance at public worship. He kept no women, nor slaves, and lived upon rice only ; yet his expences, in charity, were so great, that, as he never accepted of any...
Page 308 - Carnatic, and there is reason to conclude that silver was not used as coin in that country at all in those days. No person wore bracelets, chains, or rings of any other metal than gold ; while all the plate in the houses of the great, and in the temples, was of beaten gold, t Amongst other extraordinary events of this reign is the massacre of the newly converted Ma.
Page 34 - That generosity and compassion which you havo this day shown to a distressed animal, has been approved 'of in the presence of God : therefore, in the records of Providence, the kingdom of Ghizni is marked as a reward against thy name. But let not greatness destroy your virtue, but thus continue your benevolence to men...
Page xxvi - Shastres or commentaries, pretend to great antiquity ; so much so, that many Europeans have been strangely staggered in their belief of the Mosaic chronology by reading them. But it only requires a little consideration and research to discover a vein of imposition running through...
Page clxxi - It is therefore absolutely necessary for the peace and prosperity of the country that the laws of England in so far as they do not oppose prejudice and usages which cannot be relinquished by the natives should prevail. The measure besides its equity is calculated to preserve that influence which conquerors must possess to retain their power.
Page 233 - ... your commands. Spare no pains to find men of genius, learning and courage ; you must cherish them by your beneficence, that they may prove the soul of your council, and sword of your power.
Page 165 - ... and there proclaim aloud, holding the child in one hand and a knife in the other, that any person who wanted a wife might now take her, otherwise she was immediately put to death.

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