Narrative of an official visit to Guatemala from Mexico

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Page 127 - You are yoked with a lamb that carries anger as the flint bears fire, which, much enforced, shews a hasty spark, and, straight, is cold again.
Page 143 - nation is, and shall perpetually be, the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman: the nation protects it by wise and just laws, and prohibits the exercise of any other whatsoever
Page 168 - but, then, as the words have it, " he is a kind husband and a tender parent." " His tenderness," (says Aristophanes,) " towards his brood is such, that, contrary to the custom of many other males, he will scratch and provide for them. with an assiduity almost equal to that of the hen; and his generosity is so great, that, on
Page 199 - the canal to become the exclusive property of the government. The projectors required to have, " 1st. An exclusive privilege for the purpose. 2d. An exclusive privilege for navigation by steamboats on the rivers, and on the waters of the three provinces, as far as the lake where the said canal is to be opened.
Page 250 - The nopal is a plant consisting of little stem, but expanding itself into wide thick leaves, more or less prickly according to its different kind: one or two of these leaves being set as one plant, at the distance of two or three feet square from each other, are inoculated with the cochineal, which, I
Page 227 - short red petticoats, with deep plain white flounces round the bottom, gathered up in very thick plaits over their hips, with a white border; thence upwards, they had only a chemise to cover them, but, as this was starched into stiff folds, it supplied, in some measure, the place of a jacket: the hair in front was worn in the
Page 199 - on the part of Messrs. Barclay and Co., and of the merchants of the United States, no specific notice appears to have been taken; but, on the 16th June, 1825, the Congress passed a decree which obtained the approbation of the Senate on the llth July, and was
Page 227 - form, and the hinder part, being of great length, was divided into tightly plaited cords which were twisted round the head in various devices. A pink satin shoe, extremely long and wide at the quarters, without stockings, completed the costume.
Page 440 - bounded on the west and north by Mexico, on the south-east by the province of Veraguas; on the south and south-west by the Pacific, and on the north by the Atlantic. Its
Page 250 - would be that the tree so inoculated would become covered with the blight: a small quantity of the insects in question is sufficient for each plant, which, in proportion as it increases its leaves, is sure to be covered with the costly

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