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B.R. Baumgardt, 1895 - Eucalyptus - 298 pages
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Page 210 - ... or any similar bristle-like appendage. Awned: furnished with an awn or long bristle-shaped tip. Axil : the angle on the upper side between a leaf and the stem, p.
Page 225 - Innate (anther) : attached by its base to the very apex of the filament; p. 113. Innovation : an incomplete young shoot, especially in Mosses.
Page 225 - Keel: a projecting ridge on a surface, like the keel of a boat; the two anterior petals of a papilionaceous corolla; p.
Page 166 - But the following statements pertaining to the percentage of tannic acid, and the solubility, are somewhat misleading, since I have shown the enormous variation in the properties of kinos caused by age. " Of 100 parts 90 are dissolved in cold water, the solution being clear. 27 parts of isinglass precipitate all the astringent matter.
Page 228 - Oblong : from two to four times as long as broad, and more or less elliptical in outline ; p.
Page 217 - Deciduous: falling off, or subject to fall, said of leaves which fall in autumn, and of a calyx and corolla which fall before the fruit forms. Declined : turned to one side, or downwards, as the stamens of Azalea nudi flora.
Page 240 - Tuber: a thickened portion of a subterranean stem or branch, provided with eyes (buds) on the sides ; as a potato.
Page 230 - ... like the teeth of a comb. Pedate : like a bird's foot ; palmate or palmately cleft, with the side divisions again cleft, as in Viola pedata, &c.
Page 228 - Nectary : old name for petals and other parts of the flower when of unusual shape, especially when honey-bearing. So the hollow spur-shaped petals of Columbine were called nectaries; also the curious long-clawed petals of Monkshood.
Page 223 - Gyrose: strongly bent to and fro. Habit : the general aspect of a plant, or its mode of growth. Habitat : the situation in which a plant grows in a wild state. Hairs : hair-like projections or appendages of the surface of planta.

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