Civil War Papers: Read Before the Commandery of the State of Massachusetts, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Volume 2

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The Commandery, 1900 - Massachusetts
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Page 423 - And the wave of retreat checked its course there, because The sight of the master compelled it to pause. With foam and with dust 'the black charger was gray; By the flash of his eye and the red nostril's play, He seemed to the whole great army to say, "I have brought you Sheridan all the way From Winchester down to save the day!
Page 559 - Believing that the People of Maryland possessed a spirit . too lofty to submit to such a government, the people of the South have long wished to aid you in throwing off this foreign yoke, to enable you again to enjoy the inalienable rights of freemen, and restore independence and sovereignty to your State.
Page 555 - was written in good faith. The story was no invention of mine. It came to me from sources which I regarded as entirely reliable ; it had been published in newspapers, and had gained public credence in Washington and Maryland before my poem was written. I had no reason to doubt its accuracy then, and I am still constrained to believe that it had foundation in fact. If I thought otherwise I should not hesitate to express it. I have no pride of authorship to interfere with my allegiance to truth.
Page 416 - I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty ; I woke, and found that life was duty. Was thy dream then a shadowy lie ? Toil on, sad heart, courageously, And thou shalt find thy dream to be A noonday light and truth to thee.
Page 496 - In the approaching battle every effort should be made to turn the left flank of the enemy so as to cut off his line of retreat to the Tennessee River, and throw him back on Owl Creek, where he will be obliged to surrender.
Page 559 - To THE PEOPLE OF MARYLAND: — It is right that you should know the purpose that has brought the army under my command within the limits of your State, so far as that purpose concerns yourselves. The people of the Confederate States have long watched with the deepest sympathy the wrongs and outrages that have been inflicted upon the citizens of a commonwealth allied to the States of the South by the strongest social, political, and commercial ties, and reduced to the condition of a conquered province.
Page 430 - Now, I will tell you in great confidence where they are going, if you will promise not to speak of it to any one.' The promise was given, and Mr. Lincoln said, ' Well, now, my friend, the expedition is going to sea.
Page 535 - It gives me unspeakable pleasure to witness this array from the good Old Colony. You have come from the shores of the sounding sea, where lie the ashes of Pilgrims, and you are bound on a high and noble pilgrimage for liberty, for the union and constitution of your country.
Page 535 - ANDREW. 69 and noble pilgrimage for liberty, for the Union and Constitution of your country. Soldiers of the Old Bay State, sons of sires who never disgraced their flag in civil life or on the tented field, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this noble response to the call of your State and your country. You cannot wait for words. I bid you Godspeed and an affectionate farewell.
Page 553 - is most welcome, and I will find room for it in the October number, most certainly. A proof will be sent to you in a few days. You were right in thinking I should like it, for so I do, as I like few things in this world. The piece must go into your book, of course.

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