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Awesome book! Anyone who gives this book a 1 star rating never read it! I'll also bet that they a flaming big government type. These folks like to sling mud and dirt as the US goes down the toilet. This book is a great read and will give you and I hope America some serious pause for thought. I would urge everyone to read and reflect on the material presented in these pages. Decide for yourself - read it! 

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Over the last four days, I read all 428 pages of "Suicide of a Superpower" - a New York Times best seller - written by former Nixon, Ford and Reagan speech writer/advisor, 3-time presidential candidate, former TV and radio, talk host /political pundit - Patrick J. Buchanan.
The book is in his words his 'last will and testament' and it was an informative read! I HIGHLY recommend it.
The book discusses the future demographic changes of America, of her culture, and its effects, as influenced and guided by the ruling class' belief in "globalism" and "secularism". Buchanan counters that the rest of the world, in the meanwhile, pursues goals of "entho-nationalism", as it has throughout the history of mankind. His book also explains current affairs and the reasons behind - with his solutions to - domestic and foreign policy problems of America. For example, to fix our economy - Buchanan suggests - among other things: a MORATORIUM on immigration UNTIL unemployment is reduced, a 2 year FREEZE on the salaries of federal employees, a hiring FREEZE on with a decrease of federal employees, an increase in MANUFACTURING, an END to our "FREE TRADE" philosophy and a HALT to foreign aid. All this with more specifics - is underscored by a renewal of our "Christian" - as opposed to "secular" - principles.
As with all books by this author - a working knowledge of history and politics, is essential. If you read no other book - read this one!
If you don't like this book - you are either: a flaming LIBERAL, STUPID or IGNORANT about World History or possibility all three!

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Perhaps the best book ever written about America's future!

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