Herodotus: the fourth, fifth, and sixth books, Volume 2

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Macmillan and Company, 1895 - 737 pages

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Page 341 - THUCYDIDES. BOOK IV. Revised Text. Illustrating the Principal Causes of Corruption in the Manuscripts of this Author. By WG RUTHERFORD, MA 7s. 6d. - BOOK VIII. By HC GoODHART, MA, Professor of Latin in the University of Edinburgh.
Page 192 - to all of them alike, not alone to the successful or the victorious. And her award was just. The part of brave men had been done by all. The fortune experienced by the individual among them had been allotted by a Power above man.
Page 341 - 6d. Vol. II. IDs. 6d. KTESIAS—THE FRAGMENTS OF THE PERSIKA OF KTESIAS. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by JOHN GILMORE, MA 8s. 6d. PINDAR—NEMEAN ODES. By JB BURY, MA I2S. ISTHMIAN ODES. By the same Editor, ios. 6d.
Page 305 - overflowing with delight that in breach of all modesty he began to spread his wings and dance in the midst of the vast assembly,—and in dancing he exposed himself. Then the royal Golden Goose was shocked. And he said, " This fellow has neither modesty in his heart, nor decency in his outward behaviour
Page 341 - By JS REID, ML 155. EURIPIDES—MEDEA. By AW VERRALL, Litt.D. 75. 6d. - IPHIGENIA AT AULIS. By EB ENGLAND, MA 75. 6d. HERODOTUS. BOOKS I.-III. By Prof. AH SAYCE. i6s. HOMER—ILIAD. 2 Vols. Vol. I. Books I.-XII. Vol. II. Books XIII.-XXIV. By WALTER LEAF, Litt.D. 145. each. JUVENAL—THIRTEEN SATIRES. By Prof. JEB MAYOR. VoL I. Fourth Edition, ios. 6d. Vol. II.
Page 305 - no daughter, sir, of mine." Then the king in the midst of the whole assembly bestowed his daughter on a young goose, his nephew. And the peacock was covered with shame at not getting the fair gosling, and rose straight up from the place and flew away. But the
Page 304 - Leviathan, and the birds the Golden Goose. Now the royal Golden Goose had a daughter, a young goose most beautiful to see ; and he gave her her choice of a husband. And she chose the one she liked the best. For, having given her the right to choose, he called together all the birds in
Page 305 - shall not give my daughter to him. He has broken loose from all sense of shame ! " And he uttered this verse to all the assembly :— " Pleasant is your cry, brilliant is your back, Almost
Page 192 - never can it be said that you erred when you took upon you that peril for the freedom and safety of all ! No, by our fathers who met the danger at Marathon ; no, by our fathers who stood in the ranks at Plataea ; no, by our fathers who did battle on the waters of Salamis and Artemision ; no, by all the brave who sleep in tombs at which their country paid

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