The Engineers' Review, Volume 16

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W.W. Benham, 1905 - Engineering
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Page 40 - Bill had a billboard. Bill also had a board bill. The board bill bored Bill so that Bill sold the billboard to pay his board bill. So, after Bill sold his billboard to pay his board bill, the board bill no longer bored Bill.
Page 8 - To find the horse power necessary to elevate water to a given height, multiply the weight of the water elevated per minute in...
Page 54 - What is the secret of success?" asked the Sphinx. "Push," said the Button. "Never be led," said the Pencil. "Take pains," said the Window. "Always keep cool," said the Ice. "Be up to date," said the Calendar. "Never lose your head," said the Barrel. "Make light of everything," said the Fire. "Do a driving business,
Page 33 - The mean pressure of the atmosphere is usually estimated at 14.7 pounds per square inch, so that with a perfect vacuum it will sustain a column of mercury 29.9 inches or a column of water 33.9 feet high. To find the pressure in pounds per square inch of a column of water, multiply the height of the column in feet by .434.
Page 9 - FORASMUCH as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us, even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the word...
Page 35 - The area of the steam piston, multiplied by the steam pressure, gives the total amount of pressure that can be exerted. The area of the water piston, multiplied by the pressure of water per square inch, gives the resistance. A margin must be made between the power and the resistance to move the pistons at the required speed — say from 20 to 40 per cent., according to speed and other conditions. To find the capacity of a cylinder in gallons: Multiplying the area in inches by the length of stroke...
Page 55 - MONTHLY PAYMENTS. The books are sold on easy payments; the set, seven volumes, price $12.00, will be sent express prepaid, to any address on receipt of $1.00 and agreement to pay balance in monthly installments of $1.00. Each volume...
Page 18 - Capacity of a five-inch cylinder is desired; the square of the diameter (5 inches) is 25, which, multiplied by 4, gives 100, which is gallons per minute (approximately). To find the diameter of a pump cylinder...
Page 42 - RATEAU, A. Experimental Researches on the Flow of Steam through Nozzles and Orifices, to which is added a note on the Flow of Hot Water.
Page 25 - FRICTION OF WATER IN PIPES. Friction loss, in pounds pressure per square inch, for each 100 feet of length of different sizes of clean iron pipe discharging given quantities of water per minute.

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